Wednesday, 23 January 2019

January Review: Natural Hair Under the Microscope

I am not actively blogging here any more but I love that you are still here! I thought I might do a summary post every month, so that I can point you in the direction of things from the archive that you may not have looked at in a while.

My first review for January is all about natural hair under the microscope. These are just sample images and there are loads and loads of interesting and wonderful pictures which I have linked!


1. If you are curious about what natural hair looks like when magnified under the microscope, I have some great images! See my type 4abcxyz under the microcope- a tale of kinks and oil - click here to see more
My hair - natural, African and kinks galore!

2. Did you know what grey/gray hair (or white hair) is actually just completely transparent, essentially does not have melanin anymore - click here to see more

Grey hair - White hair - Gray hair - Fully Transparent

3.  If you are curious about caucasian hair - click here to see more

Sharp cut from recently trimmed Caucasian hair


1. I think hair damage really looks dramatic under the microscope, at least to me. Hair ends, splits and knots - click here to see more

A mid shaft split in natural hair

2. Do you really need scissors to cut hair? - click here to read more

3. I am cheating with this one, it is strictly not speaking a microscope image but in the spirit of hair damage, it is a guide as to when you should trim your hair - click here

I hope you enjoyed this review and I truly hope that this is worth your attention! See you in a month or so for the next review! 

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