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Here is a long overdue guide to the key learning posts. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. It is just a catch-up guide so that if you are feeling overwhelmed or unsure, you can just hunt down the key information that you may be looking for.

**Edit to add: I have now made all the links open in a new window. Please report any broken links if you find any!**

Moisturising Hair
1. Water alone is not enough
2. Humectants (for example glycerin, aloe vera and honey) and their role
3. Glycerin - friend or foe
4. Glycerin may or may not penetrate hair
5. How proteins can add extra moisture

Hair Woes
1. Can damaged hair be repaired?
2. Dandruff, what is it?
3. Garlic for hair loss
4. Thinning at the temples?
5. Why do products or methods just suddenly stop working?

Oils in haircare
1. Is mineral oil that bad?
2. How exactly do oils help to retain hair moisture
3. Coconut oil and olive oil can penetrate hair
4. Castor oil, Argan Oil, Camellia Oil, Shea Butter

Proteins in haircare
1. What is the difference between an amino acid and protein
2. Why is hydrolysed protein used in hair care products?

1. Can you use a normal (rinse out conditioner not a leave in) as a leave in?
2. Is deep conditioning a myth
3. The best leave in for type 4 hair?
4. The best conditioners ever - So nice I bought it twice series

1. Can combing really cause damage?
2. To comb or not to comb (also for finger combing)
3. Can twist/braids damage hair?
4. Hair art: Hair accessories

Washing hair
1. What is a surfactant (for example SLS)
2. How does shampoo work - the role of micelles

Hair growth
1. Can you really accelerate the rate of hair growth?
2. Does African hair really grow slower?

Trimming hair
 1. Can trimming hair actually help your hair grow longer (yes it can sort of!)
2. How much to trim and how often  

Straightening hair
1. How hot is too hot, when does heat damage occur?
2. Do heat protectants work?
3. Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Relaxing hair
1. How does a relaxer work
2. Does a relaxer really turn your scalp green and should you really relax children's hair?

Myth or Fact
1. Baking soda relaxer
2. Coconut lime relaxer  

General interest topics
1. Porosity - as defined in science
2. Hair typing
3. Henna - how does it work and henna related myth or facts
4. Henna - Curl loosening theory and a general discussion on the subject
5. An unsupportive husband: Embracing natural hair
6. Building Confidence: Learning to like what you see in the mirror
7. Sodium hydroxide - how dangerous is it?
8. Parabens and cancer

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