Midweek Gossip: Aubrey Organics now just Aubrey?

Does anyone have a link as to why Aubrey has decided to drop the Organics part of their label? Rumour* has it that this is a forced change as Whole foods in the US now has a requirement that in order for a product to be labelled as organic,  95% of the content must be certified organic. The alternative is that a product can be labelled as 'made with organic ingredients' but not plainly organic if  70% of the content is certified organic.

Therefore brands like Aubrey Organics, Avalon Organics or Giovanni Organic Hair Care are forced to drop the Organic part of their names as they do not meet the standard.

 I can see that Aubrey websites are still currently having the organics moniker (website traffic can drop with a name change) but all the products are currently just labelled as just Aubrey.

Anyone have some more details for us?

*Yes, I even cite my rumours lol - Now Toronto


  1. I love Aubrey Organics...however, I have noticed over time the ingrediants have changed and "Organics" was being dropped. I assumed it was because the ingredients were no longer 100% Organic. Various companies seem to do that once their products become popular and they are trying to get more out to the "masses." I figured it was the same with Aubrey. I hate they have changed up so much - but, it has caused me to pay more attention to labeling

  2. I have tried to stay away from Aubrey Organics -Ive read other formulators complain that there is nothing organic about Aubreys ingredients. The FDA website clearly states that only agricultural ingredients can be certified organic and would come by way of the USDA. I dont know what trade organization certified Aubrey Organics. Organics Shampoo faced a lawsuit recently and had to drop that claim from their products. Maybe its a combination of all things coming. Whole Foods has been slammed to for the list being flawed and they have made some changes due to the noise.

    1. Oh nice to see that there is movement on the 'Organic' label use!

    2. Hey Cheryl! i was wondering why Organix switched to OGX. makes sense now! thanks for that gem

  3. Oh wow. I did not know that about the Giovanni line.

  4. I was wondering about this as Giovanni also listed that their product was not tested on animals but in the Smooth as silk conditioner the product contained Cetrimonium Bromide, which was tested on a rabbit for irritation. I used to purchase this ingredient for mydiy conditioner and read the MSDS label. it not organic, and was tested on a rabbit. I believe if a company make organic claims, buyers should research them. I rather trust company who has a lot of ingredients made by man than a company who say they are something and are not.

  5. Thank you for this forum re: Aubrey. I am a decades long customer and only today - because I had ordered extra bottles - learned about the huge change in ingredients. I am very disappointed. I have used GPB as a leave-in conditioner for years - on my very dry hair. I simply towel dry hair then apply conditioner (and only then) and leave it in - what to use now?!


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