Long 4c Hair Case Studies: Geraldine the Great

It has been a minute since we had one of these features. Gracing the case study series today is  Geraldine the Great. She is of Nigerian heritage

Her blog is not frequently updated but if you have not been there, you should go! She has compelling content and tutorials that will keep you visiting the blog time and time again.

Long 4C Natural Hair Case Study: Geraldine the Great

Hair Length  BSL
ShrinkageHigh (BSL to Below Shoulder Length)
Strand Thickness  Thick
Overall Hair Density High Density
Time Taken to Reach Longest Length Approximately 4 years to BSL

Styling for Length Retention Protective style - twists, braided hair, cornrows under wigs
Moisturising Routine LOC method
Detangling Method Mostly Finger detangling - see link below
Washing Routine Pre-poo with oil, conditioner or homemade mix of honey, yogurt, coconut milk, bananas, eggs, avocado. Deep conditioning every 2-4 weeks, co-wash whenever hair feels dry
Trimming Routine Every 6 months and search and destroy in between

Detangling with combs Caused breakage (wisps)

One of the most detailed posts she has on her blog is her in depth explanation of how to finger detangle 4c hair. I really think that those of you who are visual learners, should definitely see this one - here is the link.

Also, I just found out that she is back on youtube! Only just......she has two videos, but here is some hair porn for you!

The data in the table above is compiled from the following sources
1. Geraldine the Great Blog

*Disclaimer: Please note that hair typing is NOT a science, for the purpose of this series, the people featured are identified solely by me (Jc) as having 4c hair characterised by a tight curl and high shrinkage. Many people with 4c hair may identify their hair as 4a/4b if they are following the actual book reference for hair type which does not include 4c. 4c was created by natural hair forums to describe high shrinkage hair


  1. I have very soft coily hair and finger detangling is the devil!

    1. Many people even with a straight texture use it as an initial basic step because it helps you spot the obvious tangles. I can definitely say that if you have curl clumping hair it is not to be used post styling on dry hair unless you are going to wash your hair as it will break up the curls - I wonder how you are fingerdetangling for it to be 'the devil'?

  2. Nice feature JC! Her hair is beautiful. My hair is also prone to tangles, and finger detangling has never been a process that worked for me. I haven't seen anyone use those foam rollers since I was a kid. My mom used to roll my bangs with one of those. Maybe I should get back to basics.

  3. I looove reading her blog. She seems such a delightful person!

  4. I love Geraldine's Hair. I remember she had that finger detangling post on BGLH. I think her hair is probably longer than BSL


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