Long 4c Natural Hair Case Study: MsTanish1

Tanish of MsTanish1 on youtube is the featured case study. She is one of those long term naturals having had her natural hair for over 10 years. She is one to play around with weaves and wigs as well as rocking her own natural hair.

I do find it amazing that she manages to fit all of her natural hair under a weave...the great part though is that if you want to know how she does, there is a video for it!

She is definitely generous when it comes to sharing information and you will find answers to her routine and methods in videos or within the descriptions attached to the videos.

Here are her stats in the usual case study format!

Long 4C Natural Hair Case Study: MsTanish1

Hair Length Between BSL and Waist length
ShrinkageMedium to Low (BSL to Shoulder Length)
Strand Thickness  Thick
Overall Hair Density High Density with some medium density at the nape
Time Taken to Reach Longest Length No clear point. Intentionally started growing her hair in 2009 but has been natural for 10 years

Styling for Length Retention Protective style - generally twisted styles worn for about 4 - 5 weeks at a time.
Moisturising Routine Moisturises hair in twists by applying a small amount of water, leave in conditioner and oil. This is done 1-2 times a week guided by how dry hair feels.
Detangling Method Dry finger detangling and conditioner combing with a wide tooth comb.
Washing Routine Once every 4-5 weeks. Never washes her hair while in a protective style. Never co-washes
Trimming Routine Dusting only

Washing hair in loose two strand twists Caused tangling

Embedding is disabled on  the video I really wanted to show you but here is a link to it. It is one of her most detailed and helpful videos on her method of maintaining her 4c hair.

Tanish's Length Retention Regimen

As a substitute, here is a video of her styling her loose two strand twists.

The data in the table above is compiled from the following sources
1. MsTanish1 on Youtube

*Disclaimer: Please note that hair typing is NOT a science, for the purpose of this series, the people featured are identified solely by me (Jc) as having 4c hair characterised by a tight curl and high shrinkage. Many people with 4c hair may identify their hair as 4a/4b if they are following the actual book reference for hair type which does not include 4c. 4c was created by natural hair forums to describe high shrinkage hair


  1. Love her, she is great and definitely one of my YT favs!!!!

  2. she introduced me to the world of loose twists.. i love her videos

  3. I really like the 4c natural hair case studies.

  4. I've never hear of her before. Thank you for sharing.


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