Long 4c Natural Hair Case Study: Nalia1908

Ngozi Ali of Nalia1908 is today's feature and I picked her because she ticks very many boxes. She:

-Has alopecia and long hair
-Has fine hair strands and medium overall density
-Is Nigerian American

There are many 4c naturals who can relate to her. She  has a huge number of videos on her youtube channel and is hugely informative and detailed in everything from her routine to treating her alopecia.

Here are her stats in the usual case study format!

Long 4C Natural Hair Case Study: Nalia1908

Hair Length Past BSL, pretty close to Waist length
ShrinkageVery High - Waist length to around 5-6 inches long
Strand Thickness  Fine
Overall Hair Density Medium
Time Taken to Reach Longest Length Approximately 4 and half years

Styling for Length Retention - Protective style - generally twisted styles, does not detangle fully to twist
- Free hair is worn in an updo/pinned up
Moisturising Routine Baggy method overnight with hair coated with water, oil and a leave in conditioner (LOC method)
Detangling Method Finger detangling mainly. Brush and combs used when heat styling
Washing Routine 1-2 times per month.. Hair washed in sections. Uses hair dryer to deep condition and a protein treatment once a month.
Trimming Routine 2-3 times a year 

The data in the table above is compiled from the following sources
1. Nalia1908

I am featuring her tension method blow dry here although there is also a really cute video of her husband styling her hair on her youtube channel so do check her out!

*Disclaimer: Please note that hair typing is NOT a science, for the purpose of this series, the people featured are identified solely by me (Jc) as having 4c hair characterised by a tight curl and high shrinkage. Many people with 4c hair may identify their hair as 4a/4b if they are following the actual book reference for hair type which does not include 4c. 4c was created by natural hair forums to describe high shrinkage hair


  1. what do you mean by alopecia and long hair? I thought alopecia is a genetic condition that restricts hair growth. and so you are bald your entire life? I've met people with alopecia.
    I do tension blow out too in the rare occasion when i do it.
    i should be on your case file next year :)

  2. There are different forms of alopecia, she has videos detailing her treatment and its effect on her hair growth. Do check out her videos!

    I hope you get to your goal length, it would be lovely to have a full circle moment!


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