Long 4c Natural Hair Case Study: Chinwe - Healthy Hair and Body

Chinwe or Loo of Healthy Hair and Body is our long 4c case study of the day. She is one of the most versatile 4c naturals that you could find and styles her hair seemingly effortlessly in every style from twists, twist outs, straight hair, buns, updos and even the absolute no no for most long 4c naturals.....the wash and go!

She has an active blog and is a really good researcher too. She cites scientific journals all the time and has even beaten me to new information several times! She is worth a look both for the gorgeous hair and her great content!

Here are her stats in the usual case study format!

Long 4C Natural Hair Case Study: Chinwe - Healthy Hair and Body

Hair Length Waist length
ShrinkageVery High - Waist length to around 4-5 inches long
Strand Thickness  Mostly medium and some fine
Overall Hair Density Medium
Time Taken to Reach Longest Length Approximately 4 years

Styling for Length Retention Protective style - generally twisted styles worn for about 3 weeks at a time
Moisturising Routine Avoid midweek wetting of hair unless necessary. Utilise a good wash and leave in routine to maintain moisture for a week at a time
Detangling Method Once every 3-4 weeks. Mainly use a wide tooth comb with fingers used to separate initially but not as main detangling method
Washing Routine Pre-shampoo with oil (8hrs+) . Hair washed weekly in twists and once every 3-4 weeks, twists are fully undone to wash hair.. Hair washed in sections.
Trimming Routine
Mostly a dusting routine but does trim if hair growth becomes stagnant.

The data in the table above is compiled from the following sources
1. Chinwe's blog - Healthy Hair and Body
2. Her fotki page

*Disclaimer: Please note that hair typing is NOT a science, for the purpose of this series, the people featured are identified solely by me (Jc) as having 4c hair characterised by a tight curl and high shrinkage. Many people with 4c hair may identify their hair as 4a/4b if they are following the actual book reference for hair type which does not include 4c. 4c was created by natural hair forums to describe high shrinkage hair


  1. Awww, it is an honor to be featured! Thanks, Jc! :o)

    1. You were a mandatory feature, there are so many who could learn especially since you detail your methods and answer reader comments!

  2. Her Fotki page (the public one, which I can see) is full of empty folders.

    Her blog though...I've only been on it for 5 minutes and already she's got me reconsidering twists as a long-term protective style. Her wash method of keeping the water only on the scalp may allow me to wear twists longer.

    On the blog she says her hair type is "4abcxyz"...

    1. She has pictures on her fotki, you do have to be a member to see them (i.e sign up for fotki and you will have access).

      She does say her hair is 4abcxyz, I actually also adopted this description too. I've had people call my hair 4z because they think it is just the most kinky hair ever created, others call it 4c when following post 2007 hair typing, others call it 4a when following a book reference hair typing, others call it 4b when it is stretched and appears not to have coils, hence the reason for the disclaimer at the bottom.

    2. Aha...I already am a Fotki member but I wasn't signed in. Thanks! :)

  3. Amazing growth. Hope to get to bra strap length in 4 years!


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