Natural Hair Updo's

I did a version of this style for a recent wedding and the compliments were endless......eek even from the bride! I love how natural hair updos are getting more versatile. This video is a little bit long and unedited but it is a great tutorial for a chic elegant style. If your hair is longer (mine is), you just need a few more pins and a bit of innovation e.g roll the hair around itself more, pin each strand on the basket weave etc. 


  1. Thanks for sharing, Tammy and Jc...just beautiful! I'm actually planning to big chop again (currently shoulder length; too much work taking care of my hair and my two little girls'). However, since I haven't set a date yet, I think I'll try this it!


  2. Very cute! Definitely my next formal hairdo. Thanks so much for sharing...

  3. wow, i think this is the first style tutorial you're posting on here. This is a very beautiful style. I think it can be accomplished with shorter hair even.
    It's creative and stylish naturals like her that makes me postpone putting my hair in a LT protective style ;)
    i wish you would show us your hair one day.

  4. I am so going to try this style hopefully tomorrow!!!

  5. how can i follow... don't have twitter... just fb and gmail


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