Friday Fun: Wash and Go's don't work on 4c natural hair?

A little bit of self deprecating humour for you. It was rib splitting and after singing it all evening, I managed to infect my husband too :). In all seriousness, her hair is just like mine and I have tried and got the same mess several years back. If your hair does not naturally clump, forget about gel. For a wash and go with better results, braid the hair and let it dry before opening and fluffing it out. Forget about trying to get curls and instead minimize shrinkage going for the afro textured look.


  1. I really enjoyed the video - too funny! I have 4c, c-nappy, kinky coils. My hair is cut in a tapered TWA, approximately 3 to 5 inches all over. And I wear wash N go's and get many compliments!

    Here's my regimen. It gives me 3-day hair before it frizzes.

    1. Purchase a back comber / teaser type comb (e.g. Tool Structure Tortoise Backcomber)

    2. Select your favorite curl cream or gel. I like Miss Jessie's -type cremes or Eco-Styler type gels in the humid months, and humectant type gels like Kinky Curly in the drier months.

    3. Watch SimplYounique's YouTube video for a tutorial using the back comber, "Miss Jessie's curly pudding application (Requested) Natural Hair SimplYounique" dated Apr 17, 2010.

    4. I dip my comb in a basin of warm water for extra moisture during the styling process.

    5. I use the rat-tail of the comb to separate the hair into thin partings (no shingling - no fingers) and then comb through to the ends till smooth and detangled, and let my coils drop off the teeth of the comb.

    6. Once my entire head is done, I whip my hair back and forth to loosen it up prior to diffusing.

    7. Leaning forward, I diffuse the crown of my hair upside down to set it (more volume - less flats), and then air dry, or finish with diffuser or bonnet dryer.

    Make sure your hair is dry. Do not touch until dry. Do not lie down with damp hair. If you do it right, this may become part of your regimen!

    Be Blessed!

  2. Thanks for introducing us to her!!! She is gorgeous and most of all hilarious!!! She will inspire many.

  3. Lol, so true! Glam fun emphasizes on a lot of haur related topics s I talk about. She says it like it is! I like the reasons she gave on reasons why you don't need to comb 4c hair. Another style I've never been able to achieve is an overnight twist out or any out style. My hair has to be left in twists or braids for at least 2 days to get a reasonable out style!

    Haha, I love her WnG 4hrs ltr! Jokes!

  4. Hilarious, I thoroughly enjoyed this!

  5. Am I the only one who finds the use by black americans to call their hair 'nappy' very degrading? Why would you call a part of you by a term which is horrible and disgusting? It's like me referring to my brown skin and faeces coloured or something like that. We have a similar term in the UK 'pickey' but people rarely use it as commonly as americans do. I don't understand why they seem to comfortable degrading themselves with these types of words.

    1. It is a different culture Nooni and many women do not find the word nappy degrading in reference to their hair.

  6. Lol! She is hilarious! Got love that sense of humor. Embrace what you got! Rock what you got!

  7. Ha ha ha! I love this (and it my case, it's the TRUTH!)

  8. I found this video so funny too! :) :)

  9. This was too funny! I've never tried a wash & go on my 4b hair & I'm not sure that I would since it seems like a one day only style. My daughter, whose hair is more like Tia & Tamera's natural hair even said when she attempts to do a wash and go it usually ends up being a wash & no! :)

  10. I love this video, lol! She is just keeping it real. My hair is "nappy" and I love it but no wash n goes for me, lol! Strinkage, breakage, tangles, and no definition! I do dry detanlge but on hair that is prepooed with coconut oil and my fingers!

  11. you're right this is so catchy! lol Loved that she shows alternate styles too.

  12. I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone on this board...

    This video is hilarious; she did a great job, but I have to say that even though I have her hair I can't relate.

    I have TWA 4Z hair (yes, that's the letter zee) and I ALWAYS do wash and gos in the "traditional" way. My curls are always popping and soft and can last up to a week. I use Kinky Curly Knot Today as my leave-in conditioner and the Kinky Curly Curling Custard to style.

    Idk, maybe the technique is off for some of you??


  13. Omg! This literally made me cry. I couldn't stop laughing. Girl I feel you I have 4c hair & my 2 year old daughter took after her mommy but I am teaching her to embrace her little afro or puffs & sometimes twist outs


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