Chicoro is on Youtube

Have you always wondered how to pronounce her name? Well now you can find out on her new youtube channel. I noticed these videos were put up just 4 hours ago, but I already found them lol! Spread the word, she is a great author with a great giving spirit!

P/S I know I owe you a post from last Friday, it is coming I promise!


  1. Hello Jc, I'm sorry to ask on a post that does not relate to my question, but what is the best way to contact you? I've read from your comments in the past that your email is full of questions (200 or more), so I highly doubt that that I will ever get a chance to receive help from you.

    Looking forward to your response!

    1. I cannot promise to reply to any email or question directly, I do read them though and use them to produce new posts so if you want yours considered, you do have to email it :)

  2. hi JC. My Q is not related with this post either, but can you please talk about protein sensitive... pleaseeeeee???!!!


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