Drink Water for Stronger Hair

In my post on my 2012, I referenced that drinking water can increase the strength of your hair. I actually blogged about it initially over on BGLH but as some of you missed that, here is that little bit for you here!

Silicon (without an e) occurs naturally in a form known as orthosilicic acid. It is actually present in almost all tissues of the human body including skin and nails.

A recent small study found that dietary intake of orthosilicic acid could increase elasticity and strength of hair ( Arch Dermatol Res, pp 499-505, 2007). 

This is actually one of the first studies to link mineral supplements with a measurable positive result on hair. This mineral is present in drinking water and water based drinks such as beer. It can also be sold as a supplement.

So - who is currently pouring out a glass of water?


  1. Love this information, Jc! All the more reason to drink water.

  2. I am, I am LOL.
    JC this is a bit off topic but.... I wanted to know if Im using Apple Cidar Vinegar to remove build-up will 2 cups water to 1 teaspoon Apple Cidar vinegar be sufficient or is the ratio somewhat off. Can that little amount of vinegar make a difference in build-up removal?

  3. Hi JC. All I heard was beer.

  4. Best reason I've heard in a long time for upping my water intake. My vanity will not allow me to pass this tip up.

  5. I am wondering about how much water is needed to obtain measurable results.

  6. just drinking badoit mineral water with plenty minerals in it, silicon included. that's not news to me really. in Poland we have known for ages about that silicon is good for hair and nails, that's why horstail tea is very popular as natural remedy for hair and nails: to drink, to use as hair rinse, hair tonic, or in capsule form quite often added to brewer's yeast pills together with nettle. beer was also used as a rinse/hair spray for hair - i don't think people use it much for this purpose now, which is shame as hair sprays are full of chemicals, but some 20 years ago i know that some were using it to hold their hair in place for special occasions, they were using it for kids too - not every day but for some event like first communion, first ball etc

  7. So in this instance bottled or distilled water would be bad...right?

    1. Actually bottled mineral water may be the best since it is filtered over natural rocks rich in silica. Distilled water on the other hand may be purified to contain very little soluble salts, so that one is not the best.


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