Natural Bloom Contributions: Work Hair, Holiday Hair, Shrinkage

I am now taking Natural Bloom magazine contributions. If you would like to write or submit an article for the series of magazines next year, send me an email ( with the subject 'Natural Bloom'.

Current Hot Topics

1. Natural Hair and Life
Pictures and style tutorials on wearing natural hair in different areas of life (e.g at work, for a formal party, for an active holiday, for a beach holiday, for a wedding, for graduation etc).

2. Shrinkage Style Files
I am also keen to do a continuing series on different shrinkage (i.e showing your hair at full shrinkage and at full stretch)

3. Cover Girls wanted!
If you would like to be a cover girl.........give me a shout (you need to have natural curly, kinky or kinky curly hair!). An interview about you will be carried in the magazine (great for new bloggers!).

For all 3 topics, I need high quality pictures (real camera as opposed to camera phone, preferably taken with natural light outside or if indoors then very well lit and with a non-busy background)

Thank you, Thank you - Tell a friend, spread the word!


  1. I am interested in being a cover girl.

  2. JC, I am interested in becoming a cover model and writing an article or 2 or 3! I am black/pakistani with 30 years of curly locks. I have faced racial discrimination against my hair!!!! So, I would love to address how I overcame (oftentimes by giving into) being natural in a white male dominated corporate America. I have also defied the odds against not losing my original curl pattern or texture ofter bleaching (jet black hair) as a result of your education of hair.

    1. I am interested, send me an email with a cover photo :)

  3. Still need a cover girl? :-)

    1. Yes still have plenty of slots to fill for next year - drop me an email :)

  4. Every since studying organic chemistry overwhelmed me so much that I cut my hair to save time forty years ago when short hair was not common among black women,I have proudly worn my hair boy-short and love it. It's convenient, easy to manage, and I'm not bothered by rain or wind. Intermittently, I've allowed it to grow out past my shoulders, but can't stand the hair on my neck or ears. We shall see how living in Illinois will affect my decision about wearing short hair. lol


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