Telling Porkies: Shea Moisture and Parabens

One of my facebook readers brought my attention to a response by Shea Moisture to my recent post in reference to Japanese Honeysuckle Extract which was posed by a user of their products.

 I do absolutely regard it as slander that someone in Shea Moisture wrote,

'Regarding this article, it contains amisinformation (sic),  and doesn't reference any study or information that backs up its claims.'

This IS a science blog, I am a scientist, I write factual and evidence based posts. Do not misrepresent or misinterpret my work as a company and think that I will not say something about it. Present facts to me and oppose my words on what I have actually written

Side note - I would still try a Shea Moisture conditioner and it may work better with an apology lol

(I am not allowing comments on this post as it is like beating a dead horse,its only purpose is to say do not write something online and think that it will not be read. If you have not already, feel free to read and judge the original article for yourself)

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