Short and Chic Hair Series

There is a little bit of change on the horizon.

1. I am resurrecting the short and chic series. The lovely ladies who already submitted their photos will be featured. If you would like to join them,  you just need to email me a picture of your natural hair. Please note that this series is for short/shortish hair only and the following three lengths are wanted

-Under 6 inches
-6 - 9 inches
-9 - 12 inches

If you would like to join in please email your photo with the subject 'SHORT AND CHIC' so that I can easily pick it up. The series is going to be presented as a look book so please submit your best quality photos.

2. I will shortly be moving to a new domain. I will give you ample notice so that you can update your feed. If you use the the blogspot address, this will just redirect you to the new landing page :) The new domain will allow the blog to be more visible to search engines and therefore bring the hair research to a larger pool of women :)


  1. Congrats on moving to a new domain, and I'm looking forward to the "short and chic" series.

    1. Thank you :) Feel free to contribute your pictures if you would like :)

  2. I'm excited...I need to inspirations when it comes to styling my hair!

  3. Yay for this!

    I've been natural a little under two years and while I like the hair fantasy aspect of longer styles, I love the practical styling guidance I can get from shorter styles.


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