Hair thickness and Knots

A few weeks back we determined that hair strands which are fine tend to split more often. I would now like to address the issue of knots. As per the last time, please note that we are looking at the individual strand thickness not the whole head thickness.

The question this time is how many knots do you normally find in your hair?

As a benchmark figure, I would consider 10 knots or less as a few knots.

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  1. Natural in need of information31 October 2011 at 16:21

    Pls is there an email address which can be used to contact you directly? Thanks


  3. Hi JC,
    I think some unknown entity has moved into my hair and set up Knot City....really! I used to wear my hair out quite a bit so I am assuming this may have contributed to the quantity of knots that I have found. Since I decided to style my hair protectively, I haven't had a really good trim. The only way to be certain if wearing my hair out has caused this significant amount of knots, I will get a thorough trim and continue with the protective styling. The end of Knot City is nearing! :0)

  4. i must say, there isn't a day that i don't come to ur page.

  5. i have fine hair and i notice about 3 to 4 knots a month if i keep my hair in a bun, when wearing it loose i see way more knots, about 3-4 a week

  6. Yes Mikimu I do think protective styling is one way to reduce knots. I find that the longer my hair is out, the more knots I find.

    Thanks everyone for the comments :)

  7. I have really thick 4a hair. During my last attempt to transition, per the advice of some of he hair blogs, I used the Aphoghee 2 min treatment at least once a week until during one rinse, my hair started to tangle and dread. It was horrible. I was afraid to wash my hair and started to return to the salon and promptly got a relaxer a few weeks later. My hairdresser told me that I didn't need such frequent protein treatments and that was the cause of my troubles. Now I use moisture all the time and rarely if ever get the knots.

  8. Hi Mahagony - Having used aphogee myself (still do), I think the reason for tangling/matting is mainly because the product is not supposed to be be combed through hair. You are just supposed to apply it, let it harden or use heat to harden it and then rinse without combing the hair. Trying to comb the hair before the product is fully rinsed is a problem. You should follow up with a moisturing conditioner and then you can comb your hair.

    I do not use aphogee in the 'proper' way. I usually just add a few drops to my normal conditioner when washing my hair. Never had an issue with it.

    If your hair is relaxed currrently you will not really have the knotting issues as experienced by curly hair. Straight hair tends not to form knots.

  9. Hi, JC. When you say 'knots', do you mean fairy knots/single-strand knots, or true knots (i.e., more than one strand of hair tangling up together)? Because, I get a lot more fairy knots than I do true knots.
    ~ Ivy

  10. Hi Ivy - I mean knots of any kind - fairy knots and hair tangling up to form a complex knot.

  11. Hi JC -
    Thanks for the feedback! I actually used the two-minute treatment and did not attempt the real deal Aphogee treatment and my hair hated it! I was about 10-weeks post relaxer at the time. Sometimes I use a light protein leave-in - Lacio Lacio - but otherwise I stay far away from protein.

  12. I notice my knots come with splits in my hair. My hair will split in the middle, and on the ends. When my splits are trimmed, my knots basically disappear.

  13. Hello JC , i really need your help. I big choped in april 2013 and during 5 month i didn't have single strands knots. But as my hair grow i begging to have a looooot . I use butter , heavy oil but i have again... I detangle in section, wash in section, wear my hair in braid with my hair. I do protective style so i keep my hair braid under my halfwig but i have a lot. :(
    I have 4a and some 3C hair in th back , my har is medium(mixed fine and medium). I really need help beacause i cut all and i have again


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