Things People Do Not Tell You

Things people do not tell you:

1. When you are transitioning 
Stop using frequent or high heat to help blend your natural hair to relaxed hair especially if you intend to have a long transition. Heat is the gift that keeps on giving and they are not gifts that you want to receive - breakage, damage, split ends.

2. When you are a veteran
You can leave the house when your hair does not look as cute as it can be, stares do not bother you anymore. Here is a quick tip though - get some hair candy, it is a quick second to put some in when you need to look somewhat presentable.

3. When you are a blogger
Blogging is hard work! If you think you will take just 10 minutes to write a post, trust that it will end up taking 25-30 minutes


  1. Like No. 2! Very true. (chm)

  2. Chm - My husband is now used to the drill whenever we pass a stand with hair accessories . He even tries to quicken things up by pointing out things I might like like flowers and things with feathers :)

  3. NO.3 I wish it takes me 25-30 min. It always ends up an hour, lol

  4. Omg-3 is spot on. And of course the post you spend 12 million years on no one comments!

  5. This "things people don't tell you" colum is my favorite part of the blog! Please keep doing it :D


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