Survey: Where do you get your hair information from?

I would like to know where you get your hair related information from and the question du jour is are you a member of OR do you lurk in hair forums.

When I started out so long ago that I cannot even remember when, only nappturality and LHCF were active and generally there was bad blood between the two with LHCF mainly for relaxed hair and nappturality mainly for the radical natural. Fast forward to today these two forums have changed a whole lot and furthermore there are now new forums springing up all over the place.

I lost interest in forums ages ago, I do get messages and questions from several forum members and end up landing on very interesting discussion threads with varying degrees of knowledge among the members.

I am wondering, what forum do you look at and if so do you research the answers that you read or do you trust them?


  1. I occasionally dabble in the British Curlies forum as well, but I don't really take information from there too much - too busy experimenting!

  2. I voted in the poll for LHCF, Kiss, and NatSun, but the forum that I am most active on wasn't listed. I am the most active on Hairlista. I feel that it is a great starting place for those unsure about taking care of their own hair.

  3. i focus more on blogs than forums.

    :) those were the sites that taught me everything about going natural and helped me decide to do it/pick products/set a regimen

  4. When I first began with natural hair way back when, I was constantly on Nappturality! It was my 2nd home. It carried me through my first years of being natural and 3 years of locs. Now, I'm a member of LHCF, but don't use it much.

    I realized that I'm not a forum kinda gal. I prefer visual information. So, within the last year most of my info has come from Youtube. And, I must say that I've learned so much!!

    I've done little research: I've read chicoro's book and would like to read the Science of Black Hair. But, I feel after being natural since 02, I have a handle on my hair.

  5. Oh I forgot to add hairlista and british curlies! I can't tag them on now that votes have come in

  6. Came back to add that a lot of my research comes from your site!! :) Muchas Gracias! Occasionally, I will search online for additional info. So, I'm getting info from several different places.

  7. I started on and have not strayed from Nappturality. The vibe there is exactly what I needed and am looking for. That said I also follow a few blogs and YouTube channels and the almighty "Google" so I cross check all information I get.

  8. I too stuck with the blogs, CurlyNikki and were the blogs that helped me make my transition.

  9. Initially I browsed the hair forum and maybe joined 1 or 2. But I can honestly say that I have read nothing from any of them. I think I only looked at pictures. I will look at Fotki every now and again too. I can't recall how I found your blog but after finding it...I was hooked (silently). From the deep conditioners to panel discussions to you explanation on hair structure and all things in between, I've been hooked and have been using your blog as my primary source...So don't go any where :-)

  10. I started with Beauty Tips for Black Women. Now I just surf Sites or Blogs. Especially when I am searching for solutions, I surf Sites so much than. Sometimes I don't get the exact answers I am searching for, but most of the times I do. Hair videos and books informs me too. When it comes to hair information, I take the information I feel makes sense to me to care for my hair. Yes I do research answers that I read. Sometimes, I don't agree with the information I read also. (SW)

  11. This blog and are my two favourites. I also like some Youtube videos. I recently purchased a book about the hair science and hair care so that is what I'm focusing on now.

    I did sign onto Nappturality not for very long it wasn't really what I necessarily needed or wanted. I think also reading some claims that weren't supported by further research left me slightly disenchanted...

  12. Your answers are fascinating! It seems to me that most of us do not use forums for hair info but rather for pictures or just to talk. Interesting!

    And thanks of course to everyone who complimented this blog! *big smile*

  13. i am just a lurker!
    - bglhonline
    - thenaturalhaven
    - the science of black hair
    - quest for the perfect curl
    - science books (i have access to quite a bit of scientific articles, books, etc ...)

  14. I'm a member on a few actually.

    And the tips/methods/regimens that usually work are the ones are consistent on all of them.

    The ones I frequent:


    I also lurk many blogs, I prefer forums though.

  15. I stumbled upon Nappturality in the early Spring of last year and haven't looked back. I had just had my 3rd baby, was going stir-crazy and felt the need to do something drastic to my hair. I found that growing my hair long and taking care of it was the drastic option I needed at the time. I previously thought that only cutting and/or perming were an option if I wanted change from my hair that had already been natural for 14 years. So the info has been very useful, it saved my kinks and my hair has never been in better shape. It was through a discussion there that I found your fantastic blog here and I'm forever grateful.

  16. Ironically, I don't do hair forums, I frequent BGLH for entertainment purposes (and to occasionally offer my own opinion). I pretty much only reference your site for REAL hardcore info :)

  17. Also a British Curly here! I like forums and blogs. Forums for general chitchat, recommendations, styling ideas, low level info. Blogs for more focused info.
    If I'm really interested in something e.g. like right now, whether to buy some kelp extract to add to my conditioners, I will Google and look at everything that comes up, be it blog, forum, youtube, articles, wiki etc.

  18. I am a fan of, hairlista, LHCF, and the natural haven....I always check each site for details and advice on different topics!!

  19. I am an active forum user right now. I'm a member at LHCF, (curltalk), and, though I mainly visit LHCF. I tend to use them for hair tips as well as gossip/entertainment. I definitely research the hair care tips I want to try, and honestly I come to this blog most often for the research. I'm a scientist too, and I need EVIDENCE that things really work the way ppl say they do! Lol. And you've already done the lit searching. :)


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