Short Natural Hairstyles: Natasha

All this week I will be laying out the beautiful pictures I received from you!

Here is the gorgeous Natasha who is from Zimbabwe and lives in UK. Natasha has maintained her short hair for a while and says,  'Presently I do not miss having long hair...doing the big chop last year was the best thing for me and I keep asking myself what took me so long.'

Style: Wash and Go

Hair Length: Under 6 inches
How the style was achieved: I left the cut in the hands of my barber and the only thing I requested was the fade!  It is a pretty simple wash and go but i still use my olive oil sheen spray and for my scalp indian hemp does the trick..amd thats it !



  1. Simply Beautiful.... I am crushing on Extra short and All Loc styles. I am itching for major changes.

  2. I love it! The hair, the earrings, the style- the whole package. Makes me wonder if I should BC instead of transition....

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments! Her earrings are so cute!!

  4. love this look! Natasha seems so care free and effervescent.

  5. Gorgeous! Not everyone can rock short hair. Natasha looks great!


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