Beautiful (Short..ish) Natural Hair - Any Curl Type Welcome!

Can we start something here? The dominant theme on blogs is talk on gaining length. However before you get to that tailbone length you will have spent a year getting to shoulder length and practically half a decade stuck somewhere between APL and that tailbone.

Let us start celebrating the here and the now.

Please send me your cutest picture (or comment so we can stalk your blog!!). The curl does not matter, your hair simply has to be free (i.e not in a weave/wig or extension braids) and shorter than armpit length (because APL and longer is generally considered long and is much adored already.) .

Please estimate your hair length

1. Under 6 inches

2. 6 - 9 inches

3. 9 - 12 inches

Please feel free to comment on what styles you felt worked best with your hair length, face shape/body structure, profession or occasion (for example work or party looks).

Please feel free to comment on what products worked best for your hair at that length. 

Pictures with cute accessories are really really welcome (do say where you got them from too!)

If you intentionally keep your hair at a shorter length - I would love to hear from you!


  1. I am so glad you are doing this. I'm always searching for styles and looks that I can wear on my middle of the road length hair. I've taken to modifying styles seen on girls with longer hair but it would be nice to see what other women with my length hair are doing.

    I am aproximately 8.5 inches both in the front and back. The front reaches the top of my bottom lip and the back is below the collarbone, almost to the bottom of the shoulder.

    I work in corporate america as a financial operations analysis so I have to keep things fairly conservative. And because I am participating in a protective styling challenge I have been wearing a lot of twists embelished with scarves and other hair ornaments. I will send you a picture of a flat twist look dressed up with a scarf.

    Again thank you so much. Ronnie

  2. I'm all about being a short-haired natural!!! LOL, Now I'm at 9-12 inches MAYBE, but I was at 6-9 most of my blogging life. I did a lot of two-strand twists, and pinned them up. One my blog, the tag "Protective Styling" shows a lot of styling options for short hair, however the picture quality isn't the best - that was prior to me getting a dSLR.

  3. What a wonderful idea JC!! I am looking forward to seeing all the pics...

  4. where do you want us to submit the picture? can we submit pictures in the comments?

  5. Ronnie/Maizie Nicole just drop me an email (

    Monique and Mikimu you know I will already be stalking your blogs for some pictures!!

  6. Thank you for this. I am about to bc and I'm so nervous about having really short hair for the first time in my life.

  7. OOOO! I can't wait to see pictures! My little girl is 15 months old and I LOVE getting new style ideas for shorter hair. Granted, she is a little - and very wiggly - babydoll... but most blogs I stalk mostly talk about longer hair!
    GREAT idea!

  8. THANK GAWD!!!!

    I am so sick of clicking blogs and youtube links to see only naturals with long hair. If they do have past videos of their hair, it was so long ago that they dont use the products they used to use, they dont endorse the products they used to achieve the style or they altogether dont know which products they used.

    I just did the Big Chop in April and have had to use my own imagination on creative ways to style it.

    I cant look ahead as far as chin length or shoulder length, I just want to see ear or eyebrow length.

    so thank you for thisssss...

    I think an entire blog/website can/SHOULD be devoted to this.

  9. I will send some pix, but you can stalk my blog in the meantime LOL

  10. Thank you so much lovelies. I hope to make it a permanent feature, there are probably more women at the hair lengths I specified than those with really really long hair so I would love love to see more!!

  11. YAY! Thank u always, helping all of us love our naturalness!! My hair is at its longest on top 6 inches..and on the sides..well, I've been having issues. I will send pictures!

  12. I LOVE YOU FOR THIS!! this is so amazing, I'm going to start looking through pictures right now :]

  13. My co-blogger and I are at We have different lengths and textures, but we're both trying to grow our hair longer. Here's a picture of my hair blown out, when it was not APL. I just reached APL

    And feel free to check out my co-blogger's hair pic, it's gorgeous.

    Also, next summer I'm thinking of getting a cut to keep my hair shoulder length =)

    I love this blog JC! I stalk all day =)

  14. Thank your all very much!! I have so many pictures to catalog. I will soon start putting them on the blog!

  15. Hey everyone! I got so tired of some of the forums showcasing only long natural hair. That's kinda why I started blogging in the first place. I want to help guide people to their own personal ideal length.

    I'm doing protective styles over the summer and have been trying some styles with individual braids. I am a student so I have some room to get creative with my styles. My hair is about 6.5-7 inches. I have an oval shaped face and I've been able to wear a lot of different styles. My hair likes simple stuff. Giovanni Smooth as Silk Shampoo and Conditioner, my leave-in mix, and coconut oil. Here is a link to the style that I'm loving right now:


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