A tiny bit of gorgeousness

I interrupt the regular schedule to bring you some awesome gifs!  I usually find gifs a little bit on the tacky side although some can be quite funny. However these are really in a class of their own. Hope you enjoy and do visit the the very awesome tumblr from whence they came - from me to you.


  1. Aw, wow! They're so graceful.

    I admit, I tend to go for the tacky gifs for pure goofy quality, but these are extremely tasteful.

  2. Thanks for sharing - this is an awesome site!

  3. Okay I don't know what a gif is? But I've never seen still photos with movements in them. That is very interesting to me.

  4. A gif is an animated photo but usually the whole photo is moving not subtle parts like these ones. These are unique because it is only a partial movement.


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