Natural Hair Magazine : How about it?

Thank you very much for the great response to my magazine.  I would like to do a new online edition with a wider breadth of features including hairstyles, accessories, styling ideas, possibly products etc. This will be a 'fun read' as opposed to my initial magazine which was more of a scientific journal (don't worry, I'm still making these - next one up is an ingredients issue!).

How about it then? Would it be of interest to you?

I need

1. Feature Ideas
2. Contributors (pretty pretty please!)

Please leave your message in the comment box or email me with the headline 'Natural Magazine'



  1. Your magazine looks great!! I love the science features. I understand more about why my hair behaves like it does..and this actually cuts down on my PJ more searching for magic grease!! Some good Feature Ideas:
    A Week's Worth of Styles (how to get the most out of a twistout:)
    Make your own Hair Ornaments
    Natural Hair at Work
    Natural Kids

  2. I would read it all, from cover to cover.

  3. Great ideas Cocoa Chick! Thank you so much!

    Carol- thanks for the support!

  4. I LOVED the magazine! I know it's an e-zine but I could totally picture myself reading it a beauty salon :)

    Feature ideas:
    Mythbusters (dispelling natural hair myths)
    The Mental Transition
    Event Spotlight (cover a natural hair meet up somewhere)

    I would love to be a contributor if you'll have me. Should I email you?

  5. I absolutely love this idea. And, if you're serious about needing contributors, I'd be happy to lend a piece or two. I've been toying with the idea of a piece discussing the value of a rigid and diligent "hair regimen," vs. simply doing what it seems your hair needs, as it needs it. I think there are good arguments for both approaches!

  6. I really liked the magazine; for me knowledge is power. It keeps me from making silly mistakes.

    Feature Ideas:
    Shampoos and Conditioners with no sulfates and no silicone that don't break the bank.
    Different uses of oils.

  7. Topics
    -Henna would be good feature. I have heard so many conflicting info from it being good to it being bad to requiring pure stuff etc

    -UK weather hair survival from extreme cold to extreme heat to all seasons in one day

    - different extremes of hair regimes

    - diet and hair health link

    look forward to your future mags

  8. Hey Jc - you know I love the idea! I'm not sure how you would like me to contribute, but I will help out any way that I can!

  9. I think that you should feature Cipriana of Urban Bush Babies... Shes has wonderful hair, Maybe you could try and rope in Kimmaytube and interview her...?

  10. Thanks for all the ideas lovelies, I will write back!

  11. Great hair products under £10
    Natural hair friendly salons
    Curly men
    Natural hair makeovers

    Can't think of anymore

  12. Do you have this magazine in a pdf form so i can print it or save it?


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