Review: Lush R&B Moisturiser (the mini version!)

This is the short version (the long version with more detail is here) of our reader and blogger dual product reviews. The product delivered to us was Lush R&B moisturiser (product sent to me and the lovely Bajan Lily). I highly highly recommend that you look at her post which is linked here as she did a very through review of her own and tested in on three heads of hair!

There was no conferring on our findings and here is our review



Reviewer Notes
What product would you normally use in a similar way and how much does it cost? BL:  Almocado Hair Milk (£9) and/or Almond & Avocado Cocoa-Shea Brulee (£7.50 for 200ml)

Jc: Giovanni . It costs around (£10).
 On a scale of 1-5 where would you rate this product?
1-Poor   2- Fair   3. Good   4. Very Good   5. Excellent
BL: 2 -Fair

Jc: 4 - Very Good possibly even 5 - Excellent
How well was your hair moisturised by this product?
BL: Not very well.

Jc: Very nicely with the Oyin method. The Oyin method is simply apply the glycerin containing product to wet or dry hair and then have a shower allowing the steam to 'activate' the glycerin. This resulted in heavenly soft hair which I kept for 3-4 days. 
Do you like the ingredients in this product?  BL: Yes, it’s packed with goodies (oats, avocado, olive, coconut, jojoba and cupuacu derivatives) although the essential oils seem to be there for fragrance rather than therapeutic benefit.

Jc: Yes, I like glycerin. I have found it difficult to get a good mix in a product (whether made by myself or store bought). This R&B moisturiser actually works really well for my hair. I only need to resteam if I want a little more 'action'.
This product retails at £9.95. Do you think it is good value for money? BL: The price is ok but the product itself  does not work for me

Jc: The price is ok but there are similar products which may be cheaper
Would you add this product to your regular staples? BL: No.

Jc: Yes

Thanks to Lush for providing the product for testing. Thanks too to Bajan Lily for reviewing it! I hope you all enjoyed reading this review and I would really encourage you all to try the Oyin method and see if it works for you with glycerin containing products!!

For more reviews on this product - here is the company website (over 100 reviews there!).
For more on the active ingredient glycerin - see it here in our ingredient dictionary!


  1. Great review! I have been wanting to look into Lush but, I always hear so much about them having mold problems. Sigh.

    This looks promising b/c I'm a glycerin lover too.

  2. Really mould! They are a brick and mortar store so if that should happen, there is a definite place to go to complain.

    I will put in a question to the rep on the shelf life of the product.

  3. I am kinda put off by the mouldy bit, half way through the review I was so excited to go to lush and buy it, someone please find out about the shelf life.

  4. I used to swear by Lush but I noticed that outside of R&B, every single one of their conditioners has SLS in them. I even asked the sales rep and they went through all of the ingredients and sure enough, SLS everywhere BUT in the R&B. What's up with that? That put me off the company seriously because why would anyone want/need to do that?

    That little rant aside, I have bought R&B before. I didn't like the scent or the consistency at all. I'm much happier with my basic DIY shae/jojoba/castor oil combo.

  5. Yep Carol, in the long review I noted that one of their conditioners has SLS and I therefore would never buy that. SLS is a surfactant to help oils and water mix but its charge is really not ideal for a conditioner so I really would say that Lush needs to go back to the drawing board with it!

    Update on the expiry date - Lush say every product has an expiry date on the label along with the person who made it. Unfortunately I rubbed mine off!! I think it was the coconut oil...oops. I will drop by the store and see what the dates are in general.


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