Wanted: A Natural Oasis!

I cannot believe some of the things that I read and see on blogs and forums. I am beginning to think that we are slightly delusional in the natural world. Here is the selection of madness (as I see it) from the natural world over the last month and my attempt to fix the nuttiness:

1. Hair anorexia
A full discussion about how Kim of Kimmaytube does not really have long hair, does not really have kinky hair and her hair is 'kind of thin'. Really!! In which planet is midback  to waist length hair short? I guess it must be the same one where everyone has thick strands of hair. Sure her hair is not super kinky but it is definitely kinkier than most.

In this natural oasis - The lady has beautiful hair! It is full of body and cute.

2. 'Your Africa is Showing' Syndrome
The more 'African' the natural hair, the worse it is perceived. One of the most difficult things that some of us may have to do is to change our perceptions. Embracing natural hair in part may force you to see yourself as you really are, not as you think you should be.

In this natural oasis - Buckwheat is a super cute kid, Celie has gorgeous thick braids and Florida Evans is a beautiful mama! None of these people are ugly or unkempt, do not corrupt your mind.


3. Not everyone is going to love your hair
I know we are all at different stages of our journey to natural hair. Here is the truth, the only person who has to live with your hair is you. The only person who has to be confident with your hair, again is you! The only person who has to stand tall when others mock you is you!

You do not and cannot change the opinion of every person in the world. You can only change how you react to it. You can only make your mind into the palace it is supposed to be.

You have arrived when someone gives you a dirty look or makes a strange comment and you are able to smile, shake your head or laugh. You do not have the need to justify your choices or let their view affect the rest of your day. 

On that note - Back to work for me! Make and keep your own natural oasis - this post is fact and not up for discussion (yeah I'm like that today lol!)

Image Credits: The colour purple, For Harriet

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