Tangle Teezer

As a slight spelling freak, I hate the name of this product. I first heard about it on TV when the inventor was rejected by a team of hotshot business people (Dragon's Den). I guess I liked it because it is a bit of British innovation.

I was skeptical on how well it would do on curly hair, however, after seeing video after video on youtube, I began to want one. The balance was finally tipped over when the lovely Katie at Happy Girl Hair gave it a 5 bead rating. So down I went to Boots et voila pink brush on my desk! I will use it in a couple of weeks and if I don't like it............I'm coming to get you Katie! Of course if I like it then I'm taking full credit (cheeky grin)!

Here is a video from Afroniquely. Her hair is not as tightly curled as my own but is one of a selection of tighter curls using the brush wet and dry (I would never do dry = snap crackle pop!). Katie's daughter, Little B, has hair that looks and behaves like mine, so that is the reason why I decided to buy one!


  1. I love my Tangle Teezer! I prefer to detangle with it on dry hair (which is unheard of for a natural) but it works and it doesnt rip my hair out.

  2. Let me know how you like it. It's sold out at my local store and I'm debating whether to order one online. My concern is that my hair is super tightly coiled and thick, so I don't know how well it will work. If I have to comb first and then use the Tangle teezer, then there is no point in purchasing it. (I currently comb and then use a paddle brush gently.) Keep us posted!

  3. Jlowman1 - Good to know! I don't think I'll be doing it dry but I am kind of tempted to unravel a twist and try it out already!

    Loo - Will definitely report back. I have not combed my hair for atleast a year. I just finger detangle. I have tried and do have a wide tooth comb but it is really not any better than finger detangling. I also tried the modified denman and it was no better than the modified one. It does detangle but it also causes my hair to split (I think it is a fine hair thing!). Katie says the TT cut down detangling time which is reason numero uno to get this thing!

  4. I bought one recently but haven't use it just yet. I hope it works as good as people say.

  5. I love my tangle teezer. It works wonders on my hair wet or dry.

  6. Ok I have a mini update and you should be scared Katie lol!

    I unravelled 3 twists and tried the brush. Dry hair actually worked better than conditioner soaked hair! Thanks for mentioning it JLowman1!

    However the amount of hair lost was shocking. It was the same amount as I would lose in a good thorough finger detangling session. I also saw small tiny curls which I have not seen for a long time!

    I wonder if the brush breaks my hair or if the hair loss is related to the fact that my hair has only ever been finger detangled for a year? I looked for bulbs and spotted only a handful, not in proportion to the shocking amount of hair.

    The brush did not go through my curls easily at all, it took some coaxing and I did yank my hair a couple of times inadvertently. However it was way better than any other comb or brush that I have ever used.

    I will try the brush again in a couple of weeks in the same section. If as much hair appears, then in my opinion it is breaking my hair.

    Watch this space!

  7. Now that you mention it, I've realized that a lot of hair came out the first time I used it on my girls, but the subsequently it was much less.

  8. Glad you got it cos i love it! just today i got a second one, my first one is the travel size one which comes with a cover to protect the teeth, i finally got a regular sized one (the sparkly purple one yaaayyy!!) i love it both on dry and wet hair! :)

  9. Yeah, I am scared of this thing lol...I bought mine a few weeks ago and it is going back to the store. I'll stick to dry detangling with my fingers and then going over it with my seamless Magic Star Rake comb....

  10. @Jc:

    Thanks for the quick short update! That's what I'm afraid of - breakage. I'll stay tuned for the full update. :o)

    I used to finger detangle consistently, but then I got lazy and went back to the comb (though, I'm sure not to comb too much or harshly ... just 12x times a year or less). Lol.

    Hmm. As for the Denman brush, I jumped on that bandwagon too quickly; the brush just didn't work for me either. It has since collected dust.

  11. lol Ms gg! I don't think I could take the brush back to the store because I used it already.

    I will try it again in a few weeks time and see if it claims as much hair as it has done today. I do have to say that my hair did look quite nice after the brushing, a little like a blow out.

    I think my hair is more kinky (i.e more twists around the shaft) than most, so it is just the type of hair that does not do well with combing or brushing.......we'll see!

    I was cheap hybridomatech, I got the full size because it was 2 pounds cheaper! The compact one was in a pretty black and gold colour though.

  12. Hey Jc! I actually just tried the Tangle Teezer (mine is also pink, because I wanted to see how much hair was coming out easily; incidentally, I also hate the spelling of the product's name), for the first time on Monday.

    Having only finger detangled for the last two months or so, I was a bit alarmed at how much hair came out, but I wondered if that might be symptom of not having used any other implements to detangle in weeks. I always have some breakage, no matter what I do (still trying to get to the bottom of that...), but finger detangling has helped with that problem. I'm hoping the Tangle Teezer didn't/won't exacerbate it.

    It did pull my hair a bit, but I agree it was still much better and gentler than any other combs or brushes. By the way, my hair was basically dry, but I had applied some leave-in conditioner and oil, before using the Teezer.

    My hair is as tightly coiled as it gets, so it sounds like we're in the same boat, texture-wise. I'm going to give the Tangle Teezer at least one more try, because I'd like to see if I lose less hair after a second go.

  13. Wow we are very identical Nefertiti! I also applied some leave in to my dry hair. On the wet section I applied water followed by conditioner.

  14. For those who think they lost more hair the first time you used it, you may have because your hair may not have EVER been thoroughly detangled like that before(just a thought). In my opinion, if you can use the denman you can use the tangle teezer lol. I have 4b hair and I only use the tangle teezer to detangle.

  15. Hey Jc and others,

    Here's a video of a lady with tighter coils using the TT side-by-side with the Denman. Just thought I'd share this additional review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6OhkYZMnjI

  16. This seems modified Denman or paddle brush to me. I've seen it on several sites and it gets largely good reviews and I'm glad some like the results but I'll stick with my curls and finger detangling. I foresee breakage I don't want to deal with using the TT. The design is cute though!

  17. I love that video Loo!! Love her personality, hair and her breakdown! I do think if anyone wants to see the difference between the denman and the tangle teezer, this is the video to watch!

    Jai - I do not use a denman because it splits my hair. I have fine hair and many of us with fine hair cannot do things that people with medium to thick strands can do.

    Annie and Jai - The huge difference between the denman and the tangle teezer is the flexibility of the teeth. The tangle teezer is designed to bend around hair rather than march on through like a normal brush such as the denman would do. In principle the design of the tangle teezer should lead to less breakage. However I am still on the fence about hair loss until I do the same sections again in a couple of week's time and test the theory on whether the hair that came out was just trapped or broken.

  18. I have very very fine strands and I too found that the denman caused split ends for me. For some months now, I used my fingers the vast majority of the time and my hair is thanking me for it. However, I have very thick hair and course and detangling is time consuming and a pain. I'm looking for something that will help me cut down on the time, without compromising the "health" of my hair.

    Do you feel the tangle teezer is less likely to cause splits and why?

  19. So I tried mine yesterday and liked it. I usually finger detangle then later on detangle w/a comb w/ lots of conditioner. I tried the deman brush and that pulled my hair a lot! With the tangle teezer I didn't feel any pulling and it detangled well on semi wet hair and soaking wet hair. I had the normal amount of hair in the brush that I have with the comb. I want to really observe my hair to see it there is any breakage so I can't say I fully love it yet, but it did a good job.

  20. I'm anxiously awaiting your review. I can't try it myself (I'm a dread) but there's so much hype around it that I'd like to get the truth from a reliable source (that would be you lol).

  21. I used the Denman for a few months to detangle my ultra fine, 4a/b hair but stopped using it when I realized that I had lost at least an inch or 2 of length from using it. Each usage was basically the equivalent of a trim for me. I moved to a wide tooth comb and started to retain length. My hair is very difficult to detangle, so I only wash and detangle once a month (used to do it every fortnight or weekly but didn't notice better detangling, just more breakage). Even after using a wide tooth comb to detangle, my hair is usually still too tangled to part so all my styling has been limited to grab and go.

    I'd love to find something that will detangle well but cause little or no breakage. I'm a bit of a product junkie so when I read this post, I wanted to purchase the TT immediately. I eventually calmed myself down and resolved that I'd wait for your next review instead.

  22. I've been finger-combing only for a couple of months. My hair loves it and I have WAY less splits than when I used a wide toohed comb/modified Denman combo. Brushes scare me (Haha) and I won't be using a comb for a while...unless its seamless. Even then it'll be once a month.

    With that said, I'm glad the TT is helping some nauturals detangle their hair better. :)

  23. i have penspring to pen-sized curls, medium thickness (4a). i bought the tangle teezer, wondering if i could get a good detangle.
    the first time i used it, it really got tangles out all the way out down the root; HOWEVER, just like someone else here said (Jc, i think), i saw little spirals on my shirt after detangling! no bueno!
    i also tried it on my daughter's hair who has more pen-spring sized spirals than i and whose strands are thin. great at detangling down the root BUT again, small little circles appeared on her shirt!
    a few days after using the tt on my hair, i felt like my ends were raggedy and they are! i truly believe that thing was pulling my ends off!
    my solution, i will use it after my wide-tooth comb to detangle my roots only and will avoid it on my ends. hope that works...

  24. I love my tangle teezer so much I'm going to purchase another after not being able to find the original for a few weeks. I like it better than the denman because of the teeth arent as rigid. I especially love it for my kids 3 yrs & 8 months..it glides right through wet conditioned hair...YahLives


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