Science Behind Ingredients

I recently did an article with Laquita (writer extraordinaire!) about the science behind why certain ingredients are used in hair products and whether the myths around them are true or not. Laquita was extremely patient because it took me months to find the time to pen the article and she did not grumble once!

We covered the popular no-nos which are:

1.Mineral oil
2. Sulfates
3. Parabens
4. Glycerin
5. Silicone

You can catch the article here: Coco and Creme


  1. I didnt know Glycerin was a no no. why?

  2. Some people says it dries out their hair. This may happen because their hair does not respond well to glycerin as a humectant rather than because there is something wrong with glycerin.

    I do think that it is important for people to listen to their hair. Therefore although glycerin is fantastic for some people, it just may not be for others.

    I do think that the Oyin suggestion of using it and having a shower or bath immediately after is pretty clever.

  3. Hey natural haven, I just found your blog. Wondering if you avoid these ingredients? If so, would you mind posing the products that you use please? I'm having a hard time finding a leave in w/o cones that moisturizes well.

  4. Hi Anon,

    I don't avoid any particular ingredient. I generally never use mineral oil in hair conditioners but I do not mind it in leave ins or facial moisturisers. I prefer coconut oil for hair conditioning because it is more useful (just use the search button).

    I use shampoo with SLS but I have used sulfate free ones too.

    I judge products individually sometimes it is not about an ingredient but simply the product is not well formulated for your hair.

    One silicone free conditioner that I know is giovanni. Many people also rave about kinky curly knot today and karen's body beautiful hair milk.

    There are mixed reviews on adding aloevera and glycerin to conditioner. Some really love it, some never see or feel a difference. Go and see Kimmaytube on youtube for the quantities to add.

  5. Thanks so much for answering my question. That helps. I am transitioning now and it's hard not to get too hung up on what everyone else goes crazy for. I guess i'll just have to keep trying out products and see what works for me. Thanks!


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