Snow in November: Sad State of Britain

I love snow! Today I dragged the husband out of the house to build a snow family. Man, wife and a couple of kids of course

My husband dedicated most of his time to sculpting the female snow-woman.

A family of husband, wife and child passed by to look at our handy work.
A grandma with her grandchild also stopped on the road to show her child that 'this was no ordinary snow man, he has a family!'
A mum told her child,  'She is a snow woman, look at her lady lumps!'
A man yelled out his approval from his balcony facing the park- 'Nice snow woman!'

Finally when my husband was happy with his snow woman we left. From our apartment we (mostly I) watched as other people in the park stopped to look at our creation. Two young men were having a rather violent snow ball fight before they spotted the snow people and made a dash for it. I thought this would be the end of the family but they instead took photos with the family and then left.

Next up was a professional photographer whose eagle eyes settled on the woman. Sadly the light was not great anymore but he nonetheless took some photos.

A lady miserably dragging herself through the snow perked up when she stumbled upon the creation. She took time to clear the freshly fallen snow from the woman's face before taking her photograph.

Two young men came by, groped the woman and then also took a photograph.

It was hugely entertaining to see the joy on these people's faces but I had snow in my hair and wanted to wash it. (Tresemme naturals - my review - very similar to herbal essences, not as much slip). Just as I was exiting the bathroom my husband told me 'It's over!'. A group of 5 women (really grown women not girls!) decided to kick the snow people down and take photographs.

My husband and I both knew that the destruction of the people was a distinct possibility, I just thought it was sad that 5 women were the perpetrators (said in a point the finger type of way ).

There you have it, the snow family story immortalised forever.


  1. Love your snow family! Why the women had to be haters? They were probably just mad the snow lady looked better than them!

  2. Aw, we don't have any snow up (down?) here and you've got bucket loads! No fair!

  3. What a nice snow family! Sorry to hear about their untimely demise :(

  4. this is so cute! I remember when I was in London earlier this year & it snowed about 3 inches everything SHUT DOWN! so having enough snow to make a snow family? i hope everything is ok :)

  5. ha! i really enjoyed this post..what a great snow family it was :( but of all people, why 5 grown women?? wow

  6. is it bad that I love every post on your blog?

  7. Wow... I bet that took a lot of work. I likey!

  8. Aww thanks for the comments :)

  9. love the snow family, aaawwwww!!! you see? we women are the worst haters! lol :)

  10. your snow family is too cute!!! wonder what part of britain you're in. i am in middlesex and it only just started snowing 2day - a very light sprinkle.

    sigh!! can't wait for some proper snow.

    thanks 4 sharing

  11. lol Why are her boobies so big? I adore this snow family, it's very cute. Your husband did a very nice job. Thanks for sharing.


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