For UK readers.............Oyin in UK

I received an email from a company saying it is the British supplier of Oyin products. I did some counterchecking to confirm this with Oyin but I did not have to look far since they tweeted about it.

So without further ado....................if you have some pennies burning a hole in your pocket..........go to Nexrastore


  1. I was so excited when i saw their tweet confirming it.:)

  2. Wow thank you so much!! i saw on their blog that they would be having a supplier in the UK, so it's happened! i don't live there but i order from the UK on a regular basis. We do also have a supplier in the Netherlands:
    there is an English and French language choice at the top right corner.
    She just got a big shipping so all the products are in stock, but i had waited for them almost a year, so i am glad to know i can now also order from the UK.


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