Five minutes styles : Pigtails on Adults

My five minute style when my hair is free is pigtails. Why? I have too much hair to contain into one ponytail. I have broken too many claws and banana clips trying to get all my hair together. I finally figured out that my hair is much easier to handle when split in half. When I feel serious I will pin up the tails but when I am not feeling serious then it is the full on kiddy look.

I find it very amusing when I am mistaken for a child. One of those annoying gas company people actually asked me,  'Is your mummy in?' Seriously even with pigtails, I have far too much going on in the chest and hip area to be a kid.

The question of the day is what is your five minute hairstyle? Prior preparation is not allowed. You have exactly five minutes to style your hair...........go!

(Image is a German stamp with an image of the quintessential pigtailed Pippi Longstocking)


  1. High puff. I moisturize & then slick my hair back w/ eco styler. Then I use one of those stretchy head bands and wrap it around my puff twice.

  2. Hi JC,
    I love that Pippi stamp! My five minute hairstyle is my puff. I throw on a super-duper extra stretched ouchless band, wrap it around twice and voila....puff! It works on wet or dry hair and there is no other tools or prep necessary! *High Five to the PUFF* :)

  3. A puff! Or split ponytails (where one is on top of t'other)

  4. Pippi Langstrumpfe! Ha ha.

    My go-to hairstyle is the "tuck and roll" made popular by kimmaytube. It is simple, quick, stylish, and protective!

  5. One day Thandi :)

    Fatty Bamboo, Mikimu and Simple thing- Puff is quite popular!

    Camille - I am currently watching Pippi Langstrumpf in German! Trying to improve my vocabulary!

  6. My hair likes to coil in on itself,so when it's not in twists, it looks like a rather unkempt twa.

    On an aside - Jc, don't blame the poor dude. Children of today look older than their parents, big sisters.... everyone!!!

  7. My five minute styles are a puff or simple updo.

    -I usually do a puff after taking out tuck-and-roll updo. I spritz my hair, smooth it upwards and tie it up with a black knee high stocking.

    Simple Updo
    -I normally do it on an old twist out or something. Here is a video describing the style(

  8. Same! I find that it looks less kiddy if I don't do the part in the center (which I never do; it's always off to the side), and I do something with the front. For example, I'll fat twist the very front on each side, or do them in twists to look like bangs. This week, my hair is in six or so big twists, and I have the twists up into pigtail buns. But a small front section on one side is in slightly smaller twists so it looks like bangs on one side...

  9. Two cornrows down. I get them dome in less than 5 minutes. BADA BING!

    Can we see a pic of your hair, JC? Please :)

  10. Bun. I'll then tie a satin scarf around my edges and leave that on until I arrive at my destination.

  11. Thanks for all the replies!

    Aha, I will try an off centre part Courtney!

    Lofa - Two rows in 5 minutes! My hair would not cooperate for that. Nope for the pic :)

    Moni - Good to 'see' you here :)

  12. I have two 5 minute styles. The ever so popular puff of course, or a pomapador (probably not spelled right sorry) with a beanie/tam covering the rest.

  13. Celtic knot. Does that count? I need only 30 sec.
    But I need 4 minutes to choose which hairstick to use. *lol*

  14. 2 Ponytails is my go to air-drying style - though I've been known to take the look outdoors, much to the horror of my 14 y/o sister! My regular go to 5 minute style is the puff...of late I've been wearing it to the side to give it a little funk!

  15. I'm in locs and do a single ponytail with what I'll call "backwards bangs" You know, the one where the bangs are off your face and make a little bump at the top of your head that you have to use bobby pins with?

    My daughter's hair is loose and my go-to style for her when we're late is "pom-poms" Essentially, it's two baby puffs.

    Great question and love the answers!

  16. I wish you had a pic!!
    i do 4 big braids and tie them back so yes i look like a kid too lol

  17. Headwrap.

    BIG fan of Pippi Longstocking :o)

    ....ahh the memories

  18. I wear my hair in pigtails sometimes and i dont really care about what people think! After all it is MY hair! and i look GOOD! lol!


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