Popularity, Negativity, Optimism and a Bit of fun!

Well I must be getting popular because I have had a small flurry of strange comments! I choose to think that the majority of people land on this blog out of curiosity and are genuinely asking questions to clarify. I do think that if you have never been here it may be a little confusing as I dip between science and personal opinion. Here is a little guidance from my perspective. 

1. This is a science blog.
2. When researching I look for three things

  • General information
  • Information in support of the idea or technique
  • Information against the idea or technique
3. I do not post opinions but rather scientific view points. I will not under any circumstances support a popular view point if I cannot find science to back it up.
4. I do post personal tips on the blog (mostly under the label natural hair top tips) . When a post is based on personal views and not science this is clearly stated.
5. I generally do not (99%) post comments with links.
6. Hair is individual, I post scientific information not a guide book that you should follow. Sometimes science makes sense sometimes things that go against science make sense. Do what works for your hair!

Finally this is just for the odd people (why oh why can't keyboards be given to rational people only?). Dissenting views are more than welcome but if you are so lazy as to just type 'You are wrong,' and then repeat the action on 10 different posts, do not complain when I label your comment as spam. After you get your coffee fix feel free to come back and continue, 'You are wrong because..........'


  1. Jc:

    Well said... you almost made me wet myself! LOL!

  2. Well well well, you're getting up there, you've got "haters" so it must mean you're cool now. Congrats!

  3. You are...appreciated.

  4. Please, please, please, don't let the negativity bring you down. Let it motivate you. As a scientist you don't know how ecstatic I was to come across your blog. It's so refreshing to see someone shed light on myths and give reason to ideas/techniques some people (without knowledge) claim as fact or the end all be all to natural hair. I stay referring peers to this site. In case you haven't heard it enough. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication you put into researching hair.

  5. Hi Jc,

    Thanks for the clarification. I have a question for you about deep conditioning. What does the science say about using heat when deep conditioning? I have seen some natural hair wearers who swear by it and others who say it's not necessary. It's entirely possible you have addressed this topic before and I have not taken the time to look for the answer. If that is the case, please point me in that direction. Thanks!

  6. It seems I missed them (the ignorant people). Anyways, keep up the good work. We are a natural hair salon and I enjoy reading your topics...(*sticks tongue out to the haters). Maybe that wasn't professional of me...but hey it felt good. (walks out the room singing "hate on me" by Jill Scott)

  7. My dear I completely agree with you - one of the reasons your blog is so popular is because of the fact that your recommendations are based largely on scientifically observed FACT and not personal opinion, useful though some of these may be. It is difficult enough for we new naturals to sift through the myriad sources of information available without having to dodge the vitriol and scorn heaped on the likes of you and others who are making positive contributions to the debate. Please continue to do what you do as it is appreciated by most of us :0)

  8. It still absolutely AMAZES me how much time some people have on their hands to waste with pettiness! I love your blog Jc!

  9. It is still beyond my understanding how some people can be so negative....
    We should encourage eachother...Geez! what is so hard about that???????

    Keep up the good work JC!
    I appreciate your blog...

    I Hate haters!!!!


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