How much do you really spend on hair?

The poll results are in! Thank you to the 300 of you who took the time to answer the survey. It appears that the average monthly spend on hair in July was $52 (sorry I am using a German keyboard which does not have a pound sign and I am that lazy that I will not copy and paste  dollars it is for this post!).

The results in full are below. It seems many of us actually do manage to spend less than $15. Only 1% of us spent over $300.


  1. '' The results in full are below. It seems many of us actually do manage to spend less than $15. Only 1% of us spent over $300.''

    In that case the ''median'' will be more appropriate then the ''average'' witch in this case is too far from the reality.

  2. I love to know who's the person spending $300...

    But more to the point, it's nice to show that just because your natural, doesn't mean it has to be expensive. Seriously, my conditioner, Aussie Moist, costs only $5 for the economy size.

  3. Kadiane - Sure the median may be more appropriate but in reality the figures are only an estimation. Everyone in each category was assigned to the high value (i.e indicator of the maximum they would spend). So everyone in the $30-$60 group was assigned $60. So the error on the average or the median would be high regardless. I find it easier to digest the average value.

    Addy, I think the 3 people who spent over $300 may have paid for professional services and possibly also hair extensions. I don't think (or maybe I hope) it is not product alone lol.

  4. Once we know what works, especially with cheaper products, the price of hair maintenance goes down drastically. I buy $1 conditioners and use them with a couple of slightly expensive oils tossed in. Once those are gone, I've found $1-$2.99 oils I will use instead.

    I suppose if I ever feel daring, I'd go to a salon and spend, but I never do. It really doesn't cost much to maintain (my) natural hair.

  5. I second GoldenAh's comment. Good quality oils/herbs can turn cheap conditioners into luxurious top end products that would cost a fortune to buy off the shelf. Oh, and you can save money on buying the oils by finding them cheap at indian/african stores and supermarkets.

  6. $52 a month is closer to what I spent when I was relaxed. Wow...nowadays if I hit $52 in a YEAR I'm in product junkie territory...


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