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From last week the most voted topics were

1. Scalp - To oil or not to oil. Are there any beneficial products for the scalp
2. Polyethylene Glycol - What is it and what does it do
3. Scab hair

I am currently working on these posts :)


  1. Scab hair should be interesting...

    Can't wait for that one.

  2. I can't wait. I'm interested in all of the topics.

  3. Yes!!! Can't wai!! Is this the same as propylene glycol?

  4. Definitely want to read about oiling the scalp.

  5. cant wait on the post about scab hair because I have it!

  6. Hi JC - I think I want to purchase a steamer, but I am not sure if it is a good investment of my money. I checked your blog, but didn't find one of your well-written research-based articles on the pros or cons of steamer. I would love for you to do an article on this topic.
    THANKS! Renee

  7. Hi Renee, I will be putting up another readers requests once I am done with the topics in this post. Feel free to add your topic to this and if others want it too then it will move up in ranking. Just watch the 'What is on your mind' box to the left to see when it next opens up

  8. Thanks, JC, I will look for the box. Renee


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