Natural/Curly Hair Industry: Small Business Polls and a Call!

Keeping up the momentum on small business, I would like to do some small business features!

1. Any business that you would like to see featured, please drop their name down in the comment box, if they don't contact me, I will contact them!
2. If you have a business, then please email 'Business Feature' to me and I will add you to my list of contacts.

I am not restricting this to small business, in the interest of fairness, large companies can be featured too, however I will heavily favour the small business (meaning for every 1 large business feature, there will be atleast 4 small business features - hopefully with sufficient interest!).

Finally, here are the small business poll results. Thankyou to the 167 of you who responded. The figures make excellent reading for both purchasers and owners!

1. The majority of you have bought from a small business and would do so again!

2. One of the main hindrances to small business is uncertainty on quality of products

So there we have it, incase you missed it do read the small business discussion (read the comments too! they are juicy!)


  1. Nunu+Love™ Naturals is a great small business on Etsy. She just recently moved so her shop is currently closed, but she has great products!

  2. I can't believe you are going to feature big businesses for free. Get them to offer products for your subscribers for free at least. Hehehe !

  3. lol Kadiane. You are funny......there's no harm in asking lol

  4. Update: I am getting a lot of anonymous comments on this particular post!

    Feel free to continue giving your recommendations. As a way of avoiding spam, I will not place further comments on this post and instead will note down your offerings.

    Please also note that this is NOT an invitation to natural products but specifically NATURAL HAIR products. So while organic food providers are interesting, this is not the sort of feature we will be doing!

  5. Updates - Sista Curl, Katie, Kelly and 3 Anon comments - Just acknowledging that I have received and saved your comments

  6. I've been a long time supporter of Darcy's Botanicals and would love for her to get some shine! Her hair goodies are amazingly nourishing and healthy for natural hair!
    I have sooo many more, but my mind is drawing a blank:-(. Will think it over, lol.


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