Labels say Grow and so I must Go!

I will never ever under any circumstances buy a hair product labelled with the word grow (or variations gro/growth). I take this deception so seriously that I would never ever try the entire range under any circumstances.

My ethos is that if you are selling a product which is good then you should be confident enough that it will sell without deceiving the consumer. 

*Medication for people suffering from hair loss is the only exception where the product is intended to restore (not accelerate) hair growth.


  1. I totally agree!! I just did a post today about Coca Cola being sued for misleading labels on their products, so this is definitely something that consumers need to be mindful of!


  2. I don't completely agree. Some growth aids actually work very well (although I do know that many of them don't). I know that one of my friends makes her own growth aids and I've seen actual results on people that have tried them.

  3. Definitely! Hair grows on it's own without any help from us or any company's products (exceptions being medical conditions, like you said). I'm so sick of seeing "Doo Gro", "Amaz'in Gro!" and ironically the main ingredients are petroleum and mineral oil!
    Just take care of your hair ppl, it will grow just fine.

  4. I bought this nape and temple gro butter it smells really good and has almond butter in it. I didn't buy it because i wanted my hair to grow my edges are fine (or so i thought), i just used it on my baby hair to slick it down a bit, and seriously my hair line isnt the same anymore! i think that some hair grew it because i used to have a what looked like a small willows peak and now its gone my hair line is pretty straight now (no willows peak)... I may be tripping a bit but i think the nape and temple gro had something to do with it. i am trying it on my actually thinning areas to see if that would help...

  5. I agree with you but are there any products that can "thicken up" the hair?

  6. If half these "gro" products did what they said they did, the wig/weave business wouldn't be as big as it is. I completely agree with your stance, Jc.

    Solidice, with all due respect: You could probably dampen your edges and put some plain old olive oil on them and get the same result. The key thing is that you leave them alone as much as possible. This is coming from someone who once lost part of her edges due to mistreatment. I LEFT THEM ALONE and they grew back in.

  7. LBell Thanks for the advice about the olive oil and water but ironically the first two ingredients of the product i was using is water and olive oil


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