Deep Conditioning Panel: Meet the Team!

This blog is famous (or infamous) for questioning if deep conditioning could be a myth. It surprises me that this one post continues to be one of the top 10 posts month after month.

I often receive emails and questions about this post. I therefore decided to assemble a team of scientists and hair lovers to give me insight into their views on deep conditioning as I am certain opinion is divided.

Meet the team - I asked them about their background (training/work) and why hair research would interest them

Laquita - Writer and self taught stylist

One school year, when I was about 12, my mother took me to a friends house to get my hair cornrowed with extensions and beads. I loved the style so much I kept them in until they were practically falling off. My mother warned me that if I didn't finally take those cornrows out by the time she had gotten home from work I'd be in trouble.

I began unbraiding sadly and slowly. After I had taken a few out I decided to see if I could re-cornrow them back in with the extension hair. After who knows how many tries I managed to get one in and it looked very close to how the lady had first did it. By the time my mother got home from work I had re-did my entire head. She was amazed. From then on I became the go-to girl for extension and cornrow styles.

I ended up going to school for Journalism (writing is my other passion) and years later I have been able to mix my writing skills with my love of hair. Recently, I have been in pursuit of breaking into the freelance writing business. I currently write  natural hair articles for several online publications. I also still do hair (no more relaxers though) for a few friends and family.

You can find Laquita's musings on several online publications including clutch magazine. Her personal blog is

Ktani - The honey for hair aficionado

Ktani is quite active at long hair community (not to be confused with LHCF) and first came to my attention when a reader asked about her detailed work on honey

She says - I am interested in many aspects of hair including product safety (natural and conventional), how products work, innovative ideas, information on all plants and honey.

I am a researcher and soon to be licensed paralegal with a background in sales and marketing, university courses

You can find Ktani's musings on her personal blog

Monique - Scientist and Hair lover

Hair research interests me because in many ways, if we follow the laws of science, we will eliminate most of our problems (at least for hair).  I never realized how my knowledge of science truly allows me to understand why our hair “acts” certain ways.

Academically I  hold a BSE in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan (UM) and work at GE Water & Process Technologies as a technical sales leader in the power industry. In the past, I have conducted prostate cancer research through the UM Dental School.However, most of my technical background is tied to the heavy industry.My passion is in helping other people and I would love to work in higher education and help minimize the achievement gap for minorities at prominent institutions in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields.

Monique documents her personal hair journey and random excerpts from her life at

Noire - Materials Scientist (Just like me!) and on a natural hair journey 

Hair-wise I've been natural since 2001, and love to try new hairstyles (as opposed to hair products! *smile*). I also enjoy learning about getting back to basics of hair care (via natural oils and internal health). I look forward to sharing and learning from others on their respective natural journeys.

I am a Materials Scientist, currently researching efforts to improve technologies in solar energy. I received my Masters and PhD from the University of Florida, and has a Bachelors in Mathematics-Physics with a minor in Electrical Engineering at Agnes Scott College (The World for Women!).

Jc - Y'all know me, right lol :) 

Tune in all this week and discover more on deep conditioning!


  1. JC, i found the information i was looking for in paula begoun's book...and it seems like you are right. I only have one source but it is not a very usefull one:

    In her 2004 hair book, she said:

    '' PARTIAL MYTH: The longer you leave a conditioner on, the more effective it will be.

    Depending on the ingredients this is entirely true. There is plenty of evidence that certain ingredients can penetrate the cuticle better when left on longer. However, that doesn't mean the ingredients will be able to repair damage or restructure the hair shaft.''

    Later on, she said: ''collagen and elastin work best when given time to penetrate a dry or slightly damp hair shaft (Source: Comestics and Toiletries, November 1998 (OMG !!!) pages 69-73)

  2. Why am I amped about this line up!! Can't read to read the results! :-)


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