On the hunt for hair stylists!

If you are a hair stylist and would like to do a questionnaire, please send me an email! You do have to have experience in handling curly or natural hair!

 Please let me know

1. How long you have been practising
2. Where you are currently based


  1. 1. for over 2 years
    2. Belgium

  2. Hello new layout! I really like it :)

  3. Thanks ladies, I will send you some details shortly.

    Thanks Alice, blogger has really stepped up their game. This is actually just a new template, isn't it fab!

  4. I can't do hair to save my life but damn I love the new layout!! Makes me want to blog LOL.

  5. lol Jaded- I wish I could take credit for it but in reality blogger have done a superb job. I would definitely read your blog :)!

  6. I really like the new layout too, great choice JC.

  7. Hey JC, did you get a lot of response for this? Can they be versed in handling locs?

  8. ** Sorry felicity, I didn't realize I had published your email address. I have deleted it now so that you do not get spam. I will email you though shortly**


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