Youtube and a pH investigation

I am interrupting the regular schedule to bring to you, two really good posts that I read yesterday. Both these ladies have great hair too!
Post 1: Use your brain when watching youtube vloggers

This was a hilarious post but the core message is something I advocate for. Do not take any advice without investigating it further. Do not believe what you read just because the person has the hair you desire. Always look for evidence.

A tiny excerpt from it, 'If the vlogger makes claims such as: "my home made snake oil made my hair grow 2 inches in 2 weeks, buy it at my site" you'd likely want to go elsewhere for info/products/help.'

Read the whole article over at Natural Coils and Kinks

Post 2: New Shampoo....Lets talk pH

This was a great post by Loo (if you are a type 4 or a type 4 hair lover, you must see her hair anyway!). She did her own investigation on baking soda prompted by a post she read here and on kimmaytube. As a scientist, I love love that she did the experiment herself.

Read the whole article over at Healthy Hair and Body


  1. Thank you for the mention, JC!!

    I enjoy that your blog addresses hair-related claims from a scientific perspective. Sometimes we have to dig below the surface to find the facts, and you do that well. Keep the posts coming! I'm learning a lot from you and your blog. :o)

  2. You are very welcome Loo :)

  3. I know the vlogger she is talking about. I was soooo pissed when i watched the vid.

  4. Kadiane you sparked my curiosity and I had to just make sure that none of my favourites had done this. Unfortunately it was not to be, I found her! She was the first person I thought of because I have seen her previous video which I found quite questionable.

    Anyway Dani's post is so relevant when you read the comments on that video!

  5. Hi Jc: If I'm not leaving the baking soda mix in (as per the Kimmaytube vid), is it still a problem? I haven't done it in a while, but I have used baking soda in the past to rinse my hair.... mixed with VO5 MM, diluted with tap water. I really didn't notice a difference in how my hair behaved though...

  6. In my test, my baking soda (the label indicated it was a mix of baking soda and cornstarch) had pH of around 7 (neutral essentially) when mixed with water. Kimmay indicated that hers was alkaline (I cannot remember the number)

    When I mixed my baking soda with conditioner, I found a pH of 9 which is quite alkaline.

    You may not notice any change to your hair, in my experiment, the shed hair I tested did not change either. I just do not think it is damage free. Cuticle lifting specifically happens at a pH of 9.

    In short, no I do not recommend mixing baking soda with conditioner.

    Baking soda (if you have one like mine which has cornstarch and a pH of 7 when diluted in water) is probably ok-ish. I do not like the idea of baking soda because it is not really soluble in water which means some particles will be grating the hair and scalp

  7. Wow! I missed this yesterday (mommy's bday, i was all absorbed with her lol) THANKS for the mention!! I'm glad you liked the post, I felt strongly on the issue but didn't want to seem preachy. Anyway, I love your blog and learn SO much here!! We're lucky to have your blog. Have an awesome day! :)

  8. @Kadiane: why were you so pissed when you watched the video?

  9. @ Jc and Kadiane: Are you allowed to say which vlogger this is? Inquiring minds would like to know....

  10. @Dani - thanks for the great post, it was good common sense advice!

    BettyBoop - check out Dani's post it is linked in the post.

    Lady Jaye - Sorry not mentioning names is the unwritten do not cause drama internet code lol.

  11. @ Jc: still can't find it. There was no link. Imma die of curiosity... is there anyway I can get the link? If not, just ignore me.... i'm so curious!

  12. lol Lady Jaye, I cannot start drama girl! Neither myself, Dani or Kadiane would mention the person by name. I guess you want people to form opinions for themselves without tainting it with personal views. Also naming the person without giving them the right of reply is not really fair.

    The way Dani did it was right because she made it so general that you could not pinpoint anyone exactly. If you spend some time on youtube you may land upon the said person's page :)

  13. @ Jc: you have a good point there :(
    If I die, however, it'll be you and Kadiane and Dani's fault, :D

  14. @Jc - I took your advice! It seems i'm not going to die after all, hehe! Thanks!


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