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My apologies to the vast majority who voted for a facebook page. I have read through the privacy policy on facebook and rushed to delete my account immediately. I think facebook is a great idea but unfortunately in my opinion it has gone rogue.

I am currently really enjoying and getting addicted to twitter. If you want bite sized info and links to new and old posts....feel free to follow (link to the right!)


  1. Tell me what frightened you so that i can delete my account as well and get done with it. lol.

  2. 1. All your information belongs to them - including writing and photos.
    2. If you use the like feature, your profile by default will be available publicly even if you have previously chosen it not to be. Your only option is not to use the like feature
    3. Facebook allegedly allows advertisers to see your preferences and has apparently sold or given profile information to external parties for the purposes of targeted advertising.
    4. There are allegations that your information can appear in advertisements (without consent because of number 1).

    In other words because of number 1, facebook can do what it likes because they own your information ( or if I am a bit more direct, they own you!).

  3. They haven't gone rogue, Facebook exists to convert personal data to dollars.

  4. Yep, my facebook is pretty blank. No information at all. Just pictures

  5. Good point Katie and I totally agree.

    I agree Alice, the idea of facebook is good, the execution of it is poor. The less information you have, the better.


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