So you want a facebook site?

I recently put up a poll to ask if the natural haven should be on facebook and 54% of you said yes it should be.In the spirit of democracy I have to admit that this constitutes a majority.

The next question is what do you want to see on the facebook site? I can pretty much declare that I will not be posting any detailed information or diagrams on facebook. This is because facebook policy is that any content uploaded to the site is owned by them.

So tell me what would you like to see?


  1. Make sure the disscussion tab is activated. And perhaps we can tag you when we style our hair using a method, tool, or product that was suggested here.

  2. Thanks for the tip anon, I am definitely facebook ignorant so all tips help!

  3. I will like to see participation. I've been on several natural hair pages and fans would post questions and NO ONE not even the owner of the page would answer. What's the point then? It should be interactive and informative like your blog. I LOVE YOUR BLOG.


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