Hair Art: 3B's- Bands, Banana Clips and Bobby Pins

The last installment of hair art comes from Shey  (I will try and figure out the email subscription).

The pictures as described by Shey

Picture 1: A head band I purchased from H&M  - love it so much I purchased it twice in different colors-who says it only applies to conditioners :) ). While I have tons of headbands, this is definitely my go to head band, especially when I want to "spice up" my puffs.

Picture 2: I know you can't really tell what hair accessory I am using in this picture, but I held most of my hair together with a banana clip. Banana clips are a favorite for me and so easy to use!

Picture 3: I don't know what my life would be with out "a million" bobby pins because thats exactly what I used to achieve the style in the third picture, lol. Bobby pins are so useful and they are incorporated in many of my styles.

' I have tons of accesories but seem to stick to the 3 I mentioned. I want to start experimenting with hair combs/sticks, hairzings, feathers and more textured accesories (thanks to Chai)'

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who contributed to this series, as always if you would like contribute, feel free to send me an email with your picture and a description of where you bought the accessory.


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