Facebook is driving me mental! While I try to figure out the page, I decided to see how easy twitter was and it was a pleasant and very simple process.

I therefore now have a twitter account. I think I will use it to highlight select blog updates and throw out a few general questions. If you want to follow - here is the link


  1. I was confused by both when I first set up accounts. Now I mostly use FB. I don't even think I "tweet" right on Twitter. lol

  2. lol - I am still totally confused by facebook

  3. Twitter is a much better option! & you can set up a twitter feed or google feedburner to automatically post to twitter when you update a blog post :)
    {I voted no for facebook btw lol - just putting that out there :)}

  4. Why not open a form spring account. It where people can ask you questions. I know a lot of people are using that to answer questions to their fanbase. Just a thought...

  5. I don't blame you for ditching the Facebook thing...their new privacy settings are freaking me out...! Definitely watching everything I post on there...

  6. Facebook is too much ¬_¬ It wants you to put in two much information, and then when you're finally set up, it overloads you with information from other people!

  7. CY - I did not know that, I will investigate!!

    Addy - I do like the form spring format, but as it is I am 3-4 months behind email questions! I think somewhere to discuss questions like twitter may be good.

    Chai you hit the nail on the head. The privacy settings are too much. Why do we have to go through each option? Why do I have to repeat the whole process again for a fan page? Why can't full privacy be the default and then we make permissions?

    Sarah - So so true. I was bombarded by other people's information. Facebook is like a stalker's paradise, you do not even have to look, facebook will hand it to you on a platter.

  8. By the way I have not totally ditched the facebook idea - I am still trying to find a way to make it workable!


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