I was doing my youtube rounds and found that BeautifulBrwnBabyDol is auditioning for a chance to host her own show on OWN. Honest truth, I love love love her channel but I do not like the video.
I am convinced that she would be a great show host because she is very driven, ambitious and goal oriented - what is not to love?This is why despite the fact that I did not like the video, I will still highlight her cause!

My reservation on the video was it was a little bit too energetic for me. It sort of felt rushed and she seemed to lose her words once or twice. However, there is no doubt that she is engaging and has a good positive message.

Voting is only open to US residents (oops I clicked first and read the rules second). Vote for Nina - here


  1. woah, that video was waaay too agressive and unnatural, does she really talk like that? She scared me off :-(

  2. I know anonymous but really check out her youtube channel, she is totally worth the vote if you are a US resident

  3. Umm, sorry,but NOOOOOOOOOOO!She scares me!

  4. i only watched the video after i saw your post, i am subscribed to her and i love her videos i think she can be a bit aggressive at times. I can't vote cause i don't live in America but i think she would get more votes if the video was more natural and if she didn't brag so much... What i mean is that she should give the viewers a chance to know her and not her achievements

  5. Yeah I definitely agree solidice and I wish she could re-do the video because I do not feel that she got her message or personality across. I do think her achievements are important because they are a testament to her triumph during hardship. The tone of the video was just totally off.

    I guess the question I am asking is it really fair to judge someone by one bad video when they have a ton of really good ones?

  6. Hi

    This is not the run of the mill youtube video or how to do X that I think the natural web community have become so used to with people they have elected as hair idols and influences (BBBD being one). I think when people view her in work mode they cannot get their heads around the things she is saying on this video and the way she is expressing herself as opposed to her usual youtube (talking to 'friends') audience.

    Here she is addressing a bunch of people that she doesn't know (America), they are not her usual viewership, they come from varied backgrounds. They have no reason to listen to her or like her above any other entries. She needed to stand out and do her best to get the job/get this tape noticed so she was a bit over zealous but think of it as a video cv/resume. She needs to 'brag' or sell herself on her strong points and show why she is the best candidate. Bear in mind that it's for tv and that Dr Phil, Oprah etc all have the same style. To be a tv personality you do need a certain personality and to be on Team Oprah you need to be energetic, overtly positive and motivated.

  7. @Anon - It is good if you liked the video. I don't really agree on your last statement about the need for a certain personality. If you look at the leading videos in the competition, you can see that many of them do look like they are talking to friends. There is a genuine element to their videos.

    I really do like beautifulbrown but I think she could have done a better video that was more authentic. Same message some credentials but just frendlier and less hyper.

    I hope that she gets through to the next stage though because she deserves to and I think if she takes on board the critique that she has received (both positive and negative) then she will truly be a winner.


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