Currently working on......Ayurveda

I am currently researching ayurveda (shikakai, bhringraj, amla etc). I have not had a chance to collate all the information yet so I will start reporting it from tomorrow :)

If you would like a fab introduction to the topic - go over to Callalily's


  1. Oh, this should be interesting. I've been thinking about trying Khadi Products a while ago but wasn't sure if they are worth the money.

  2. Thanks Jc! Can't wait to see what you find out :-)

  3. Oooh. I'm looking forward to this! There's been so much hype about Ayurveda.

  4. I just recently incorporated Amla oil into my regimen and I think my hair is loving it. Can't wait to see what info you come up with.

  5. I haven't been able to get a handle on Ayurveda at all, so I'm looking forward to this. CallaLily's intro was great.

  6. YES!! Oh I cannot wait!! Look forward to this very much! :)

  7. Planning to change "Science and natural hair" to just "Natural hair"?

  8. Laura- have a little I guess that is not scientific!

  9. Laura I have rejected your last comment. I guess you missed the sarcasm dripping from my response to you.

    If you have a point to make, cut to the chase and be explicit! I do not have the time or will power to deal with innuendo.

  10. Well, I'm disappointed that you have turned to pseudoscience (and that you have put a link to an article that supports this "restoring balance" and "self-healing" approach). I did not expect this, as you usually write quality articles and I truly like your blog a lot.

    It's good that you talk about the actual properties of the "ayurvedic" ingredients, but while doing so you are endorsing a practice that is not scientific (and the article that you linked to is despicable exactly because it promotes a practice that gullible people might adopt without obtaining any further information). Just to be clear: ayurveda almost certainly uses SOME ingredients that are actually effective. Practically all medical systems (homeopathy being a notable exception) do. That does not mean that the system as a whole has a positive effect on people's health (and this is why I think it's unethical to promote pseudoscientific systems even if some ingredients used in them do have some credibility).

    (I'm sorry I missed the sarcasm. English is not my first language.)

  11. Laura thank you for stating your point clearly. To answer your questions directly

    1. Why reference CallaLily's article?
    The basic start of science is to conduct a literature review which means finding out the history and current state of whatever you are researching. The article from CallaLily is exactly this, it states the basic genus of ayurveda and its relevance to hair. You would be surprised by the number of people currently using ayurvedic ingredients who would not know this.

    2. Endorsement of Ayurveda
    In this particular post, I announced my intention to start talking about RESEARCH on ayurveda. I highlight the RESEARCH part because this what the blog is about. I DO NOT endorse majority of the things I talk about on my blog. I simply present the science that I have found.

    3. 'Unethical to promote pseudoscientific systems even if some ingredients do have some credibility.'

    - Your statement would not exist without science and scientists to present research which verify the credibility of these ingredients!

    - From my research, ayurveda is a hot bed of potential treatments that modern medicine could use.

    I will discuss any and all credible research. Let me repeat that, I will discuss any and all credible research. I will not bias myself as a scientist by picking and choosing what I report. I will report what I find, positive or negative or nothing at all.

    Finally is ayurveda pseudoscience? Frankly I have not researched ayurveda as a subject so I do not have a clear opinion on the matter (please see my most recent post to see what I actually researched). My current opinion is that ayurvedic ingredients and methods including meditation and yoga are extremely effective. The more I see how effective its ingredients are, the more I am convinced that it is less about sheer luck or coincidence and actually about studying, observation, data accumulation and preservation of knowledge ....otherwise known as science.


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