Poll Results and Social Networking Allergy

Previously, I asked the question- How long do you keep braids or twists done using your own hair only? This was in response to a comment that naturals with long hair have 'ratty' braids(see post here). There were 131 respondents to the poll and here are the results

Upto one week - 42%
More than week but not more than 2 weeks -  42%
More than 2 weeks but not more than 3 weeks - 8%
Four weeks or more - 8%

It looks like for most of us one or two weeks is our upper limit.  

The current poll is about whether or not thenaturalhaven should be on facebook. I have a severe social networking allergy (lol ok, not that dramatic but erm...) so convince me or if you share my phobia, let me know!


  1. I'm not too fond of Social networking - after a while, it gets confusing and you know too much about people:

    Soandso is a fan of [insert something here you never really needed to know].
    Me: .....ew.
    But my friends forced me :p and as a uni Student, it's almost compulsory, because of the way everyone is assumed to have a computer etc etc
    It overloads my poor brain :(

  2. lol Sarah, I do feel your pain.

  3. I have a slight phobia with it all...something about being forced into the whole social networking/IPad-ness revolution that's happening...rubs me the wrong way. But, at the end of the day, I try to make it work for me with a bit of balance. I don't overly check facebook...and I'm 'fans' of folks I like, who I frequently check in for advice or fun facts/tidbits...!

    Would totally love to see you on facebook JC;-)!

  4. Just a thought, for some of us who are still in the dark ages without an internet ready phone and want to take a break with you on our lunch hour, having The Natural Haven on Facebook would prevent us from taking full advantage of your site. Most social networking apps are blocked by company IT.

  5. Are you kidding me!!??!! I probably hate social networking more than you do but after exhaustive attempts from my friend, I finally gave in. Now if I can do it then so can you, lol :-)

  6. Chai lol@IPadness. I definitely think balance is necessary with social networking

    Anon - good point you raise there about no facebook access at work!

    Callalily - Trust me, nobody dislikes social networking more than me. I don't even have a personal facebook account (this statement has seen jaws drop and people even think that I am lying and trying to avoid them lol). Can I be swayed?

  7. I just want to promote your blog (the only smart one I know about hair). You can create a fan page without having to use it to get in touch with people on Facebook. For me, it will be like the BGLH bagde people are posting on their blog to promote that web site ( that i love as well)

  8. I don't have a problem with FB, as a matter of fact I love it and am on there constantly, but I've found that most people only repost and regurgitate the info that is already posted on their blog. If I get your blog in my Reader, or even if I visit it regularly, I'm not really checking for it on FB.

  9. JC, you and my other half are definitely kindred spirits when it comes to internet privacy. He deleted his fb years ago and despite my urging has resisted returning! I'm a fan of facebook, but am extremely strict with my privacy controls. Anyone who isn't a REAL friend (ie the kid I went to primary school with) can see very little. If you aren't my friend at all, you can only see my name. I also don't use applications because I don't like the fact that they can access your profile. There are definitely ways to use facebook but still maintain your privacy, just like if you had a password protected blog.

  10. Thanks for the love Kadiane.

    Andrea I agree I would be regurgitating what is on the blog. I guess the difference as Kadiane says is that facebook has a way of martialling people of a common interest so others who have never heard of the blog might get here.

    Lol Moni, he is very wise. I definitely agree with strict privacy controls it can work, I'm just in the avoider category (i.e if it isn't there in the first place, then nothing to be concerned about).


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