Hair conditioner: So nice I bought it twice!

Have you ever found yourself going back and repurchasing a product time and time again? You wouldn't do so if you didn't like the product! I would like to know is there a hair conditioner which you have repurchased at least twice in separate purchases.

Here is my actual shelf and my actual products.

Yes I do like herbal essences in general (in case you are a silicone avoider, yes they all have silicones!). My husband actually purchased 4 of these for me because he spotted them on sale when he went to the drug store. (Yes I will take hair conditioner over chocolate and flowers any day lol). I love the hello hydration mask (the jar). I do swim regularly and consequently go through a lot of hair conditioner, the tall bottles are not as softening but do work well enough for me and are cheaper (usually on a bogof deal ie buy one get one free).

Aphogee is a new-ish experiment. I recently discovered that proteins can help hydrate hair (remember this post). I therefore decided to buy some, in all honesty I cannot see or feel a difference however I don't dislike it so I'm keeping it and have repurchased it. I do not use it as instructed on the jar. I will just add a few drops directly to the conditioner I will be using (in a separate mixing container)

Part of my PhD work involved studying how proteins stick on to surfaces and they do so quickly (within seconds, some would even say under a second). Therefore the whole malarkey of applying, drying and heating it up seems unnecessary to me.

My husband's purchase of 4 conditioners scuppered my plans to try lustrasilk, however once I'm done with these I'll be trying it.

Anyway, enough about me, what about you? Have you gone back at least twice more for the same product. If so, tell us! As always don't forget
1. A description of your hair type (ALL TYPES WELCOME)and whether it has colour or not
2. The hair conditioner and why you love it.

**Edit to add, my hair type is super extra kinky cute and curly. It is in the type 4 family**


  1. You are so funny Jc! I'm a conditioner crackhead too. My collection is still pretty vast but I've bought Sauve Tropical Coconut, Trader Joe Nourish Spa, Curls Coconut Dream Conditioner, Sweet Nature by Eddie Love Deep Conditioner (this is my favorite right now) and Komaza Care Intense Moisture Therapy multiple times. My hair seems to do well with these.

    I have 4b hair and do not color my hair.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!!!! My hair type is 4A? I have been natural for about 6 years (usually in twists or braids). I henna monthly.

    Herbal Essences is always in heavy rotation due to the low price. I like Hello Hydration and Hydralicious.

    I also love Giovanni Smooth as Silk and Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose.

    I have also heard great things about Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner. It's next on my list...

  3. lol Callalily,the space in my current bathroom is limited but if it wasn't who knows how much I would have.

  4. Thanks for the compliments Leslie

  5. Hey JC!!

    I've never hair typed myself so I don't know. I use henna so my hair is "colored" by that.

    My staples are AOHR- Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose for winter I use it as a leave in (with/without coconut oil) and my hair stays moisturized all week.

    My new go to is Suave Almond & Shea (which has replaced any other Suave Conditioner), love love love it, the smell, how it instantly de-tangles and as a leave in, it's light but heavy on the moisturizing.

  6. I love this topic. For me it's V05 and LustraSilk Cholesterol. If I'm buying those, I buy at least two at a time. V05 is usually on sale, which explains that "twice" purchase ... more like "thrice". LustraSilk is rare in these parts, so when I find it, I try to clean out the shelf.

    My hair type is 4abcxyz (I made that up) - super kinky. I have some subtle natural highlights from henna, but no added color beyond that.

    I love V05 conditioner for washing; I love LustraSilk Cholesterol (mixed with olive oil) for detangling!

  7. I really want to try that lustrasilk Loo!

  8. I am so with you on hair conditioner over flowers and chocolate, lol. I have this fascination with conditioners-its crazy. My storage area looks lke a mini shopping mart-no lie. Im a type 4 and the conditioners that I have 2 plus of, are Yes to cucumbers, Aubrey Organics White Camelia and Herbal Essence totally twisted (love, love,love all of them equally). They all provide excellent slip making detangling enjoyable (yes I said enjoyable) and all make my hair super soft!!!

  9. The only conditioners I must have at all times (besides my Pantene R&N Mask as a leave-in)are the Kenra Color Maintenance Conditioner and Kirkland Hydrating Conditioner. I suppose there's no Costco in the UK. That's where I get my Kirkland (store brand) conditioner...great for co-washing.

    Jc - Is it necessary to use a rinse out AND a leave-in?? I feel like you might have covered that ground, but I'm unsure. What is the point of the rinse out, especially if you use a creamy leave-in?

  10. Enjoyable is a powerful word Sheila!

    @LittleOne - I'm modifying the site and part of this would be to have a better link system so that relevant topics can be picked out.

    A rinse out conditioner tends to ingredients like surfactants (behentrimonium chloride) and proteins (soy protein for example). Rinse out conditioners are designed to adsorb to hair and help create softness or patch up the cuticle. Leave ins tend to be lighter with more humectants and sometimes oil so their main purpose is to help moisturise the hair.

  11. We love Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose and I buy it over and over. We are types 2b with a little 3a, 3b and 4b. I have tried to branch out recently and try some new conditioners, but I keep running back to AOHSR.

    It's thick, rich, leaves the hair soft and is nice for co-washing.

  12. LOL!! Yes we do have Costco in the UK if not all over, definately in London :)

  13. Impossible to get a hold on herbal essence in a jar. I wonder if i can order it on internet. I know they do not sell on their web site.

    I do not use rinse out conditioner due to my scalp condition but the best is Natures Gate. I have the tee trea one since ....3 yrs (?) lol. I is sooo good.

    I'm a strong 4C

  14. I have been buying the big bottle of Herbal Essence Hello Hydration conditioner since around Feb. 2009, so that tells you something. I LOVE this conditioner for my daughters 4a hair. Great slip, very affordable, smells great, and is moisturizing.

    I have tried a couple of other HH conditioners and have 2 other ones to try in the closet, I like all of the ones I have tried.

    By the way, where did you buy the small jar of the HH? I haven't seen those where I live..

  15. I am a PJ already but my conditioner's serious.

    I have:
    Suave Coconut
    White Rain Coconut
    VO5 Freesia
    Herbal Essences Hello Hydration
    Herbal Essences Totally Twisted
    Herbal Essences None of Your Frizzness
    Pantene Relaxed & Natural Deep Conditioning
    Creme of Nature Leave In
    Elasta QP DPR-11

    recently purchased:
    Yes to Carrots/Tomatoes/Cucumbers

    I like's my weakness..LOL

  16. I am a 4a/b (can never tell which one) and henna my hair about every other month. The one rinse out conditioner that I buy over and over is Trader Joe's Nourish Spa. It gives me fantastic slip, so it's my go to conditioner for detangling. Before that, my go to cowash/detangler was Suave Naturals Coconut conditioner. I've repurchased Giovanni Direct Leave In multiple times. I'm not sure that I've repurchased any of my deep conditioners yet. There's always something new to try!

  17. LMBO @"Yes I will take hair conditioner over chocolate and flowers any day" I can't with you tonight!
    Aussie Most Conditioner
    Suave Almond and Shea Butter Conditioner
    Naked Naturals Shea Butter and Avocado Smoothing Conditioner
    I think, I'm a natural 4B. I hear 4A but...I also hear 4B

    I just bought the
    Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner from Target today. I'll give it a try this weekend.

  18. kinky curly knot today, Aubrey organics honeysuckle rose, giovanni smooth as silk, and shea moisture restorative masque (this one just made it to Target a few weeks ago and I've already gone back twice).

  19. @Katie and Kadiane - Here in UK the jar is somewhat present in some shops but the tall bottles are certainly more widely available. Superdrug is where my husband got the pink jars. I got the others from Tesco and Sainsbury's (only the large stores actually stock them). The jars are more expensive than the tall bottles (retail at around 4 pounds and rarely ever on sale) so maybe that is why they are not so widespread.

  20. 4a non colored hair. HEHH purchased twice and forever, also pantene r and n deep condish mask. luvs it. But I have a list those that I WONT purchase twice (i.e one was enough) Organix coconut condish, desert essence apple ginger, vo5 smoothie condish.. umm ,thats it for now;o)

  21. My daughter's hair conditioners-
    Hair Type (I don't know when moisturized well it looks 3c ish but its more of a 4a I think)
    Oyin's honey hemp conditioner-detangles great,smells great, moisturizes great, can be a leave in and leaves her hair soft! (kisses bottle)
    Herbal Essence Hello hydration-smells great, moisturizes nicely but I don't think it can be left in so its a stand by fav.

    For my hair
    Type-4B-C? Whatever corkscrews really easily LOL (can you tell I suck at this, I can't >_>)
    Mane and tail mixed with coconut oil (original deep conditioner-)Leaves my hair more moisturized when used under heat.
    Butter-n-bars original conditioning hair masque-Messy like henna but it really made my hair strands stretch from here to Hong Kong!
    Henna-Because I'm a glutton for punishment and I love to keep trying to lighten or color my hair. It helps to sort of loosen my pattern for a little while and makes my strands a bit stronger.
    Jherri Rhedding's Protein conditioner-Messy but my hair feels so strong afterward and it corkscrews every single strand!

    I am still looking for a serious go to conditioner but i'm more of a shampoo crackhead! (scratches) :-)

  22. 4a natural. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration both jar and bottle, and Aubrey Organics HSR. I have so far been protected from being too much of a PJ, because most of the products people rave about are not available where I live. Could you please do a post on your regimen when you go swimming? I am currently taking swimming lessons(hair is in braids) and in spite of putting conditoner in the hair before swimming, washing it with the kiehl swimmers shampoo and AO white camellia shampoo and then gererously using some HEHH as leave in, my hair still feels so dry, and I have 9 lessons to go! Thanks in advance.


  23. hi I'm in the 4 category, probably a B... and my hair isn't colored or anything. I started off using HE Hello Hydration and Totally Twisted and I'm now using Suave Tropical Coconut.

    I've bought Hello Hydration more than once because I love how thick it is and cheap haha. The Totally Twisted is pretty much the same but I wouldn't buy it again because I think the smell is too strong.

    The Suave I recently tried and I've since gotten 2 more bottles at once cus they were on sale :) I love that it's so thick and creamy and the scent is light and just right :). It's also cheap.

    I have a question though: Someone told me that products with a lot of fragrance have high alcohol content and so they can dry out your hair/cause split ends.(This is kind of what lead me to try Suave and put down the HE for a while) Is this true?

  24. Been using HE Hello Hydration for several years's my go-to conditioner most of the time and the only one I currently have that works consistently well on my 4b/4c hair.

  25. The price would make the devil commit suicide, but I love Keihl's Hair Conditioner and Grooming Aid Formula 133. I use it as a conditioner and leave-in. I guess I'm looking for softness and it leaves my hair softer than any conditioner I've tried.

    Like everyone else, I also like Oyin's Honey Hemp and Aubrey Organics' Honeysuckle Rose conditioners.

  26. Hello,
    I love your blog. I am also a science fanatic and hair science is my new passion.
    I have 3c, 4b type spiral curly, coily hair.
    I find myself repurchasing AOHSR, Suave coconut, and Giovanni conditioners. I don't use much commercial products. I like to mix so I use alot of kitchen concotions.

  27. I love this blog! I have a mixture of 3c, 4 a and b on my head. Unfortunately, as I fully transitioned over a year ago, I don't think there's anything I can do to change that.

    My fav condish is HE HH, I see it's one of yours too. And I did NOT know they have a hair mask, they must not sell it here in the States. I am going to look for it.

    No my hair is not colored, but I want to share a story. I put Clairol Natural Instincts clear shine gloss on my hair Sunday and it's ruined, just ruined! My curls are gone, the 3c parts of my hair are straight and the rest looks like a big puffy cotton ball. And it's not shiny at all and it's drier now. I'm very disappointed because all the reviews were positive, but I guess not everything is for everyone. Ugh. I am going to have to comb my hair with an actual COMB (usually I finger detangle with HE HH) and start over again or something lol. Luckily, it only lasts 4 weeks.

  28. 4a, 12-13 inches, no color.

    My favorite conditioner is Aubrey Organics Jojoba & Aloe Desert Conditioner. Of course, it had to be the most expensive conditioner they sell (18$ at my local Whole Foods). But, it is amazing, my hair loves it and therefore I find myself buying a new bottle every couple of weeks. And, it's the only AO conditioner that smells ok to me. The rest smell like old ladies and floral potpourri.

  29. where can you purchase the herbal essence masks from?

  30. I love Giovanni. I have never used anything that has made my hair so soft. When I use Giovanni I can use my fingers to detangle my hair. I also love Dove, and Herbal Essence -None of your frizziness

  31. I can't believe no-one has mentioned Twisted Sista shampoo and conditioner from Urban Therapy. This works wonders for my 4-something hair!!! Herbal essences, frizz fighter in a red container is also really good.

  32. I have Type 3C hair. My favorites are HE Totally Twisted and None of your Frizzness, and any of the Suave Moisture Milks products.

  33. Ok I am a serious conditioner addict. Fairly new to the natural hair thing-since July. So my addiction is only an attempt to see what works. I have in my collection Hello Hydration, None of your Frizziness, Totally Twisted, and hydralicious, Curls Coconut Curlada conditioner. Want to purchase Aussie Moist, Yes to Carrots/cumumber/tomatoes, Giovanni 50/50, Audbrey Organics Rose,and any Shea Moisture hair product.

  34. Hi...I love your site and simply found it by accident. I use the Aphogee products and love them. i use the shampoo and conditioner and searched for a long time until I found them. It is actually a conditioner that works. My hair is not colored and has 8 months of new growth. I straighten with a electric hot comb and flat iron once a week. I do not use heat throughout the week...just once. My hair is softer than ever and softer than when I had a relaxer. I think my hair type is kinky, not sure what number. I will try the products you showed, but Aphogee is a great product. Thanks for all the good info. I will be back.

  35. Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut works very well for my hair. I'm newly natural, 4B, no color, 1- 2 inch TWA. I use Suave as a co-wash and as a leave-in by using just a little in the shower. I also mix it with Perfect Results hair & Body Oil with water in a spray bottle to freshen up my mini-fro in the mornings. It provides excellent slip and it's very versatile for such a low price.

  36. Giovanni smooth as silk conditioner is amazing. It softens the hair like nobody's business. You can use it as a leave in or a wash out.

  37. My hair is mixed, with about 5 different types, but more 3-ish in the front and 4-ish in the crown, with many fine hairs. The general effect is a big dense, mostly curl-able fro. I use henna. I always buy Herbal Essences Hello Hydration and Smooth and Soft when they are half price. My actual favourite and staple conditioner is Yes To Carrots. It's moisturising, slippy, has great ingredients and at eight or nine quid for 500ml, i'd say it's reasonably priced. The smell is odd but light. You can get it in Whole Foods or fancy chemists. I sometimes add honey and oil to the normal bottle but I love the deep conditioner mask too. Leave-in's I've bought twice are Kinky Curly Knot today - even though it's pricey and I have to order it online - and Giovanni Direct.


  38. my hair is like a 4a - 4b

    i used to use herbal essence but found that VO5 and a brand called organix (which has no sulphates in it) made my hair softer and kept more moisture


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