Hair Art:: Show and Tell

This week's show and tell comes from Cassidy of naturalhairselection. I love this show and tell series because I have found two fab blogs already.

How cute is that grey headband!! She bought it from Forever 21. Side note-I think I have been sleeping on Etsy mainly because I will not pay for shipping to UK, but I think I should really start giving it a serious look. Here is what Cassidy says,

'I especially love shopping for accessories from Etsy. You'll often find one of a kind pieces for not terribly expensive!'

Are you keen on Etsy, if so, tell us the best shops!! As always, if you have a cute accessory to share, do join the show and tell by sending me an email with pictures!


  1. Love that grey headband, too!

  2. It is very pretty puregoldlady :)

  3. PetalMix is the business! I've heard forever 21 has great stuff, I need to shop there.

  4. i also have that gray headband in fuschia! They're like $3 apiece so I couldnt resist getting them both!! :)

  5. I do remember seeing a post on your blog too Kcurly!

    Naturalhairselection - It is a small world! The grey headband is super pretty


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