Hair Accessories: Show and Tell

Do you want to show and tell with your favourite accessory (or accessories)? If so, please email me placing 'SHOW AND TELL' in the subject. Pictures or videos (youtube is fine if it can be embedded) of yourself wearing the accessory or just the accessory itself are welcome. If your accessory is not hair related but a necklace or earrings or dress or shoes...whatever...this is also welcome. However in this case, we need to see how it matches the hair! You must own the copyright for any submissions sent in.


Rachael emailed me following this post on protective styling woes to ask 'Why is keeping your hair off your shoulders better than just letting it flow naturally?'

The answer is when and only when the hair is touching the shoulders, you can protect the ends from damage due to rubbing (against clothing which could be similar to rough towel drying - see this post). Once hair grows past the shoulders, it is probably fine to let it flow naturally. However if your hair is super curly, the likelihood of this happening is slim. Most of us have a natural bob whether hair is 6,16 or 26 inches long. However if your hair is not long enough to bun or clip, do not do it because you will probably cause more harm than good by pulling the hair

I suggested using hair accessories to give hair a break and Rachael asked, 'Can you give examples of good hair accessories?'

I love hair accessories!! Let us start with the basics bobby pins and hair bands. If you can count how many you own, you probably need more. These will get lost. If you have a sister, friend or children, they will get pilfered. You can never have too many.

Next up - head bands. Buy what you like but make it safe. All of mine are safe except for one (I am super careful when wearing it). Head bands are good to complement bun styles.

The next feature- clips. Clips are necessary sometimes if you need to hold shorter hair down. The important part is to buy large clips if you have large hair (I have giant clips for my hair). You can also buy decorative clips just for fun

I have a love hate relationship with claws. These will break. The more expensive they are, the faster and more catastrophic the break. I do like claws though because they are really quick to use. I have found using larger ones again is better for thicker hair (bearing in mind that curly hair looks thicker even if the actual strands are fine)

Hair flowers make me happy. I think what would otherwise be a boring bun, can become chic, quirky or pretty in one second. I have little ones and big ones. I also tend to buy ones which can double as corsages on clothes. I have also included a picture of the fastening to show that it is quite smooth. Some have teeth which is not always good.

Finally when I feel like being a little extra, I will dig out my oriental collection or a fascinator (yes I don't save them for weddings).

Oooo I almost forgot, there is one more collection, the hair emergency collection. Have you ever won a cute braid out/twist out and the rain came down and messed it all up.......well try living in Scotland and you will quickly find yourself needing this pack! I always always carry in my handbag - a headband, some clips and hair bands. These are the must have for turning a rained on braid out into a cute bun!

Where do I get my accessories - anywhere is the answer. If you are in UK, here is where I go. Supermarket - Sainsbury's was my achilles heel, I used to pick some up every shopping trip, we now shop online lol. Clothing stores - Dorothy Perkins - do not like the clothes, but do like the clips! Pharmacies - Superdrug and Boots hold the goody range. Accessorize/Monsoon -really pretty, sometimes over priced but really pretty!


  1. what a great idea!! I'll e-mail a few pics when I get home from work;-)

    Hair accessories really do enhance any look I'm going for...and there's always soooo much to choose from! Always on the hunt for large clips...small ones, and my hair breaks em in

  2. During the winter i use a lot of scrunchies and hair bands. I do not know for the summer yet. Bobby pins are my all time favorites

    Hair bands: I tend to use satin scrunchies and very smoothe satin-like hair bands. That way i prevent breakage.

    Bobby pins: the end has to be very rounded not sharp/chip ( to avoid breakage)

    Headbands: I'm afraid of using them on a daily bases cuz they can cause thinning of the hairline.

    Clips: I make sure i do not sue the sharp ones . Break the hair lol

    Claws : i prefer the ones that are flat at the base like this one
    They are not as harsh.

  3. Rounded tips on bobby pins - super important Kadiane!

  4. You have such nice hair accessories. Thanks for the peek into your favorites.

  5. I love this post! I'm definitely going to post something or submit pictures :)


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