I received the Happy 101 award from both Leslie and Eccentric! (Yay me!!). I am therefore supposed to tell you 10 things that make me happy. Taking out the obvious stuff (like my husband and family), here are some more interesting things that I like.

1. My hair - lol did you guess that one?
2. Swimming - I think I was once a mermaid.
3. Food - especially my husband's food (Chemists do make excellent chefs)
4. Stories about my 15 year old cat (well she is my mom's cat now given we are not on the same continent) - The most recent was my parents taking turns to watch her basking in the sun because two errant owls were hovering nearby. This cat is not small either lol, she has been 'loved' a little too much. The owls would probably have died trying to lift her up.
5. Google - I seriously need to be hired for my search skills. Google provides endless hours of fun and I love playing detective.
6. Learning new languages - I now have a new German keyboard!! I can type my special letters (umlaut) instead of going for the englishified (hehe made that up) expressions(äüöß)
7. The sun - I wish every day could be sunny
8. Fruits and vegetables - What can I say I am simple?!
9. Dresses, shoes, make up - anything girly
10. My teeth - I have great exaggeration!

I've come to 10 but I must add costa coffee and ikea meatballs. Some things are not good for you but oh well you know what is in those meatballs?!


  1. Congrats on your award. I believe that scientists would make good chefs/cooks. Most of the ones I know are!

  2. Thanks Milan. I am an ok cook, my husband is in a class of his own

  3. Congrats from Germany and 3 cheers for Umlaute!! lol

  4. How fitting that you like healthy food. I also really love fruits and vegetables.


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