Poll Results: Hair Loss at Temples

Thank you (Danke, Merci, Gracias, Grazie and Asante**) to the 186 of you who took part in the recent poll. The result is pretty much a tie. A slight majority of you do not experience hair loss (55% of you to be exact). This means that 45% do experience some type of hair loss. Overall only 1 in every 10 of you reported severe loss.

Combing or not combing does not appear to be a factor in this poll. There was pretty much a 50-50 split on combers who reported no hair loss versus non-combers who also reported no hair loss. The result was also the same for those reporting some hair loss.

Hair loss can be a serious concern. If you are experiencing serious hair loss, the first basic steps are
1. Stop all chemical treatments to the concerned area
2. No braiding or weaving, pulling or brushing ....anything that can cause traction to the hair.

Having done that and seen no results please see a dermatologist. There are different forms of alopecia including non-scarring alopecia and scarring alopecia. In some cases the hair loss can be reversed but this does rely on early intervention.

Some old wives tales like garlic and onion have actually been shown to have some efficacy. I would however never recommend any home treatment (including the much sworn by emu and castor oil) over a visit to a dermatologist.

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  1. Great post!! I think the languages are German, French, Spanish, Italian and Swahili. Whew!! :O)

  2. Yay!! All Correct....virtual cookies for you Mikimu!


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