Moisture Bumper Issue: Wrap up!

To conclude the moisture bumper issue, I will just quickly summarise the key points from the research presented over the last 3 weeks.

1. Water on its own is NOT moisturising. This is because it can enter and leave as it pleases (details here)
2. Oil layers on hair can help moisturise hair by retarding or slowing down the loss of water. (details here)
3. Humectants can help moisturise hair by increasing the amount of water present in and around hair (details here and here)
4. Hydrolysed protein can help moisturise hair as the protein adsorbs and penetrates hair and absorbs water increasing the moisture level of the hair (details here)

From the questions you asked we learned

1. You can combine any or all of the above to increase moisture levels. You do not have to use just one method.
2. Oil mixtures are good (details here)
3. Oils do not fully prevent water from entering hair. They just slow down its entry
4. I featured glycerin as a humectant because it is well researched but other humectants like aloe vera and honey may work just as well.

Alright, I consider the moisture bumper issue all wrapped up. As always do read the comments on the posts as they are always insightful!


  1. this series was VERY helpful!! as a new transitioner, i've been having some trouble keeping my hair moisturized... well i've always had a problem, but especially now. so thank you so much for this, i learned A LOT.

  2. Excellent series! Thank you!

  3. Fantastic website. I love the science.

    What I knew before was a result of trial and error, but now when my hair gets dry I know the actual reason(s) why.

  4. Aloe vera a humectant ? That's new to me.

  5. Thanks Golden. Yes Kadiane aloe vera contains a large amount of sugar type compounds (same as honey) and consequently holds onto water quite well.

  6. I thank you for this series as well! I've been layering coc0nut oil with a heavier sealent and I've noticed a great change in the feel of my hair.

  7. Hi JC, i have one question for you, you said that after rinsing your hair, layer it with oil to seal in the moisture. My question is, after i rinse my hair and i apply a leave-in with oil as one of it's main ingredients, do i still need to seal my hair with oil before i apply my leave-in?

    Thanks Mev

  8. Hi Mev - You can test to see if it is useful or not. I always recommend half head tests where you can imagine a line from your forehead to the back of your neck and therefore two sections of hair - left and right.

    You can then apply leave in only to one half of your hair and then apply leave in plus additional oil to the other half.

    If you find that your leave in on its own is moisturising enough then you know that the additional oil is not necessary. Hair is very individual so while additional oil works for some, it may end up being too much for others.

  9. Aloes holds on to water but does it attract water from the air as well ? Thanks

  10. I enjoyed your moisture series! I just started an April Aloe Vera Challenge on my blog! Great to know that it does add moisture because my hair has been dry lately!

    I also deep conditioned with V05 mixed with honey and hair is thanking me right now! :)

  11. Good to know aloe is a humectant. I have plenty growing in my yard.


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