The final push!

There are only two days left to go. The lovely Amina has moved down one place to four (heart flutter). This would still make her a finalist (top five) but I know she represents beauty for a new generation of black women and I would love love love to see her at the top spot. I'm off to vote and I hope you do too (multiple times :)!)


  1. yes people lets keep voting! i vote for her as much as i can during the day so i hope you ladies can please do the same! lets get her back up there everyone!!

  2. Thank you very much Sky!

  3. just voted again, very easy;-0!

  4. thank you soooooooooooooooooooooo much ladies and JC! I am so grateful!
    I've been voting like crazy too!!
    Time is ticking and I am ready for Friday to be here!!!!

  5. ok I am on it and voting loads!


  6. De rien Amina :)

    Thanks Angel!

  7. Found your blog from HGH, had to comment on this post because I actually voted for her yesterday. :) I will post this on FB.


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